11 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Increase Your Brand’s Audience

11 Ways Influencer Marketing Can Increase Your Brand’s Audience

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Influencer marketing is a relatively new addition to the advertising game, but one that is gaining in popularity – and is a trend that seems likely to continue. From someone telling their friends and family members about a brand on Facebook to a YouTube personality with a large following sharing product reviews, influencer marketing is both prevalent and pertinent in today’s market. To help you harness the power of influencer marketing, here are 11 ways it can increase your brand’s audience.

1. Benefit from social media

Consumers consistently engage with social media, taking part in an ongoing conversation about everything – including which brands and products to use. Fortunately, you can benefit from this by reaching out to the influencers who are talking to your target audience, and keeping them engaged with your brand.

2. Influence more consumers

While the tried and true marketing techniques that you may be familiar with still have their time and place, why pass up any opportunity to reach even more consumers? Implementing an influencer marketing element to your strategy can only increase the number of consumers who know about your brand.

3. Increase trust in your brand

According to a Nielsen study, 92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from people they know, while only 58 percent trust branded websites. The confidence in advertising only falls from there, reaching as low as 29 percent for ads sent to mobile phones. On the other hand, 70 percent of participants said they trust online consumer opinions. This means people even believe what strangers say more than they trust what brands say about themselves.

4. Turn awareness into action

74 percent of consumers use social media to make purchasing decisions. While other forms of advertising might increase your brand’s awareness, influencer marketing has an incredible ability to prompt consumers to convert and purchase your products.

5. Benefit from native advertising

Influencer marketing is native advertising, meaning it is part of the content users already view rather than being separate from it. The advantage of this is consumers now increasingly ignore non-native ads altogether. 47 percent of consumers use some sort of technology to block ads, which means that many consumers do not even see your online ads. However, they do see what social influencers have to say about your brand.


6. Get your content noticed

Another study found that while participating brands increased their content production by 78 percent over two years, their content engagement dropped by 60 percent. You might be putting in the effort to create relevant content for your audience, but influencers can help by encouraging others to view, talk about, and engage with it.

7. Create content for your website

Speaking of content, did you know that a social influencer can create valuable content for you? Influencers can provide quotes, testimonials, and other non-branded content that can become a valuable part of your marketing assets.

8. Boost your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about getting your brand on the top of organic search engine results for the key terms your target audience is searching for. Since as much as 25 percent of search results come from user generated social posts, getting influencers to talk about your brand can dramatically boost your SEO.

9. Create messages that people want to share

If you want influencers to mention your brand online, you’ll need to give them something to talk about and share. You can do this by posting content that catches their interest and makes them want to talk about you.

10. Become an influencer

You can promote influencer marketing by joining in yourself. Start a blog, get an Instagram account, and tweet about your products. Start a conversation that other influencers can join and encourage their participation by reciprocating the favor.

11. Benefit from low prices

Most people who talk about your brand online or post reviews are doing so for free, out of a desire to help their friends and family make purchasing decisions. Some influencers who have large followings, such as bloggers or YouTube stars, can be paid to talk about your brand. YouTube stars comprise 8 out of 10 influential people for teen audiences, so you can see how beneficial it can be to encourage these individuals to share your brand with their base of viewers.

There are plenty of ways in which influencer marketing can help broaden your brand’s audience. Make sure people are talking about your brand by developing an influencer marketing strategy that involves the social influencers who are a powerful and motivating factor in today’s online world.

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Lia Jakubowitz , Marketing Manager

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