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At ExpertVoice, we’re all about expert recommendations. That's why we built a product review feature on our platform — to give our vetted and credentialed audience the opportunity to share their expert opinions on products they’ve tried and tested. The result? Since its introduction in April of 2018, we've received tens of thousands of reviews on products from nearly 600 brands.

While it was still new in 2018, the feature grew in popularity and prestige the next year. To honor its success, here are some highlights from 2019:

Alexander Kinsey, a hunting and fishing outfitter and Wilderness EMT in New York, was the most prolific recommender of the year. He wrote 64 detailed, helpful product reviews. Here's one of our favorites:





A special shout-out goes to Josh Fryer, who, when he wasn’t fixing IT problems at the ExpertVoice office, found time to share his opinion on nearly 60 products.

We have to give an honorable mention to Ross Edwards, whose product reviews are, well, nearly perfect. Look at the detail! 


What we’ve all been waiting for…

The Top 5 Highest Recommended Products of 2019

  1. nuun sport + caffeine - cherry limeade

  • “Electrolytes with a punch” -Walt Packer
  • “Love it and recommend it to all my customers.” -Aaron Webster
  • “I love that it does not have extra added sugars.” -Amanda Fangmeier
  • “Perfect energy boost without overdoing it.” -Kate Winters
  • “A great way to stay hydrated and manage your electrolytes.” -Lynn Siekmann
  1. Magpul DAKA™ Pouch, Small

  • “Incredibly durable.” -Michael Chickvary
  • “Phenomenal product, simple design, unlimited options, and immensely rugged!” -Matthew Street
  • “Another great product to add to the Magpul name.” -Chad Campbell
  • “An excellent do-anything pouch!” -Michael Chickvary
  1. Costa Motu sunglasses

  • “The clarity and colors of the lenses are amazing.” -Fritz Klingler
  • “They are durable and keep out the rays practically completely.” -Michael Davis
  • “The coating inside nose allows you to wear them all day long without irritation.” -Spencer Selby
  • “Best lenses and fit I’ve ever experienced.” -Kyle Moore
  • “Best lenses I've ever had.” -Brett Mcknight
  1. WÜSTHOF CLASSIC 7-Piece Block Set

  • “The quality and craftsmanship is apparent once you pick up one of the knives...I highly recommend” -Tony Nyberg
  • “A necessity for anyone who wants to buy cutlery, once.” -Daniel Sutczak
  • “Easy to maintain an edge with minimal effort.” -Eric Gibson
  • “Make you feel like a professional chef in your own kitchen!” -Diane Sandstrom
  • “Best knife set l’ve ever owned.” -Joe Markowski
  1. Honey Stinger Waffles - Lemon Flavored

  • “Great taste and the perfect snack for those long days.” -Jacob Bandas
  • “Absolutely the best source of easy carbs.” -Jacob Cox
  • “Super tasty, lightweight, and full of natural energy! Big fan.” -Jules Lounibos
  • “These taste great and always give me the energy boost I need.” -Taylor Key

Last but not least:

Everyone’s Favorite Recommendation

Kimberly Corban Rourke’s humorous take on the Traeger Grills Pro Series 34 was our most popular product review of 2019 — with 72 experts upvoting it. 

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