4 Keys to Launching a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

4 Keys to Launching a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Influencer marketing focuses on key individuals rather than a target market as a whole. Brands empowering passionate category leaders to drive and distribute a brand’s message is what makes influencer marketing so impactful.

You hear about influencer marketing campaigns all the time, but many marketing teams don’t know where to start or how to deliver a successful campaign. Be mindful that a one-size-fits-all mentality isn’t helpful in this case and will only hurt you in the long-run. See the keys to a great influencer marketing campaign and practical tips for launching your own.

Find the Right Influencers

Brands are beginning to recognize that recruiting the right influencers is considerably more important than working with the biggest celebrities. The more authentic of a relationship you have with your influencers, the more likely your audience is to view you as a trustworthy brand. Start the process by creating a persona of your ideal influencer and prepare a list of questions that’ll help you narrow your options as you search.

Focus on Influential Superstars at Every Channel

Not every influencer is right for every influencer marketing channel—across social media and the real world. When you’re searching for the right influencer for your campaigns, take into account where your target audience is spending their time and if the influencer you’re considering is active and knowledgeable within your category. Ensure you build your influencer network to include people across various social platforms and real world locations.

Engagement, Creativity & Originality

Throwing disorganized content or free product at your influencers and asking them to get posts up as quickly as they can isn’t a strategy. Executing a successful influencer campaign takes careful planning, preparation and resources. Distributing creative and original content and boosting engagement through your influencers is key to coming out on top.

Take time to brainstorm with your creative team and come up with something completely original. Collaborate with your influencers to produce content that’s authentic and intriguing. Making the conversation two-way will help you build a foundation for a solid relationship and make certain the information that’s distributed makes sense for both the brand and your influencers.

Partner with an Influencer Marketing Expert

If influencer marketing is very new to you and you’re still feeling lost, don’t be afraid to partner with someone experienced in influencer marketing to ensure the success. We’ve found that learning from other brands’ wins and failures helps fast-track a brand’s success. A great influencer marketing partnership will also have access to a solid network of influencers for you to choose from, perfect for just about any brand or industry.


Influencer marketing is growing rapidly as a way for brands to get their message and products in front of the consumer in a budget-friendly and authentic way. To stand out in a fiercely competitive marketing atmosphere, brands must continuously innovate their marketing campaigns. Running a successful influencer marketing campaign is a proven way to build trust with your audience and increase brand awareness with their followers.

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Katie Carlson , Contributing Author

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