4 phases of the consumer buying journey

4 phases of the consumer buying journey

The Consumer Buying Journey is Changing. Is Your Brand Ready?


Today’s consumers operate in a much more complex way. Management consulting firm McKinsey & Company has determined four primary phases in which marketers can focus their time and capital. Here we take a look at modern buyer’s behaviors, how they’ve changed, and how brands should not only be reacting, but also getting ahead of the curve.

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  • The behaviors of modern buyers
  • The four phases of the consumer buying journey
  • What marketers need to know
  • How marketers can get ahead of the curve

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Consumers need voices they can trust

With the rise of the modern consumer, brands no longer control the conversation. Rarely do advertising campaigns have the same impact as the single most important motivator to consumers: trust.

Buyers trust the word of people who demonstrate passion, experience, and knowledge about a product. We call these people experts, and ExpertVoice is home to more than 1 million of them. That’s why the world’s largest brands partner with us: to access and engage with our network of influential experts to drive product advocacy and earn the trust of consumers.


Market Research

Capture predictive insights from
trusted experts.

Brand/Product Sentiment

Category Perception

Expert NPS


Product Advocacy

Influence consumer purchase through expert product recommendations.

Product Education

Product Seeding

Live Events


Content & Reviews

Source content from experts that's
relatable and credible.

User-Inspired Content

Product Reviews


Expert grid

Our Highly Vetted Network of Experts

For 13 years ExpertVoice has been steadily building and credentialing a network of more than a million of the most influential people on the planet. Located all across the continent, these vetted retail sales associates, influencers and ultra-qualified pros represent 30+ unique categories. They are diverse. They are passionate. They are qualified. They are experts.

Case Studies

See real-world examples of how brands are connecting with trusted experts, gaining powerful insights and integrating experts’ stories
into their own digital efforts.