4 stats you should know to help you build your 2018 retail marketing strategy

4 stats you should know to help you build your 2018 retail marketing strategy

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Despite dramatic headlines, consumers still overwhelmingly shop in a physical store. More than 90% of transactions still happen in-store, with both small and large retailers alike providing a unique in-store experience for customers. But do big-box retailers provide the same level of product recommendations as those from mom-and-pop stores?

A study by ExpertVoice, the world’s largest advocacy marketing platform, analyzing engagement data from more than 420,000 sales associates across 150,000 retail locations found that mom-and-pop store associates, on average, are more knowledgeable and have more product experience than their big-box peers.


When planning for 2018, consider these four facts:

Sales associates at mom-and-pop retailers interact with 14% more brands than those at big-box retailers.

These sales associates are 11% more knowledgeable about product features.


Mom-and-pop store associates have first-hand experience with 2x more products than associates at big-box retailers.



These store associates spend 127% more, buying products for personal use.


With the ever-growing number of choices that consumers have, knowledgeable retail associates who can recommend the best product for the consumer are more important than ever before.

Written By

Eric Calderon , Sr. Manager, Demand Generation

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