5 Ways to Engage Your Audience with Interactive Content

5 Ways to Engage Your Audience with Interactive Content

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Interactive experiences are always more engaging than simply communicating information to your audience in lecture format. Studies show that users are more likely to engage with content when it’s presented in a fun, intriguing way. Passive content doesn’t cut it any longer.

Marketers and content designers need to focus on delivering their messaging in the most creative and intriguing way possible. Here are five ideas to transform your content into an interactive experience that’s worth talking about and sharing.

Polls, Quizzes & Surveys

Use polls, quizzes and surveys to create a dialog with your audience. People love to share their opinions and ideas. Draw your audience in by asking them how they feel, what they think and for their suggestions. Not only are you engaging your audience, but you’re also collecting valuable data and insights for your brand and products.

Animated GIFs & Humor

GIFs are pretty entertaining and even more so when humor is at the center of the animation. They’re short and sweet with just enough punch to draw people in. If your GIF is well received, it’s probable that users will quickly share it with their social media networks and friends. If your team doesn’t have the resources or time to create your own, there are plenty of available online spanning just about any industry.

User-Generated Content Contests

Contests alone are interactive and engaging, but add the user-generated content (UGC) component and you’ll create the perfect storm. Highlighting your fans content and showing appreciation for their work is a small gesture for a brand, but a huge win for your audience members. Competing, creating and voting are all activities that’ll keep your users engaged and thirsty for more. If you go this route, make sure your campaign is well organized and you get people talking about it.

Flashy Videos

Educate, entertain and engage with video. High energy visuals that get to the point, typically go over well with users. Interactive tours, sneak peeks and tutorials are possibilities for getting your audience’s attention. You’re likely to increase conversion on your product pages with videos that demonstrate your products. In addition, you have the opportunity to improve customer retention and reduce service call volume by creating support videos.

Infographics & Statistics

You may be thinking that infographics have been around for a while, so why would I be mentioning this as a way to engage your users. Well, it’s because they’ve worked in the past and are still drivers of engagement today. Interesting visuals, captivating graphs, charts and stats are going to engage your audience and make them want to share what they learned through viewing your content with their friends and family. The key is to highlight the right information at the right time.


These ideas are just a few ways to engage your audience with interactive content on social media. Continue to innovate, create and discover new methods for grabbing your audience’s attention and keeping it. Build upon your successes and be willing to adapt and try new strategies.

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Katie Carlson , Contributing Author

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