Active experts use the app: Why brands should use it too

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One in three experts on ExpertVoice access the platform via the app, and that number keeps growing with 15,000+ new downloads every month. This includes everyone from retail sales associates, passionate gear junkies, enthusiastic pros and, of course, your brand reps. The app offers all the same features as the web-based platform but allows experts the ease of connecting with their favorite brands right from their pocket.


It’s no surprise that app users are our most engaged user base, with 125,000 monthly users spending 6.5 minutes per app session. That’s plenty of time for an expert to brush up on the latest product specs during down time, craft a product recommendation while waiting in line, or easily purchase a product for their next adventure. The experts using our app are our most engaged members – as a brand have you thought about how you might gain from using the app?


Here’s some food for thought:

  • Interact with experts: Comment and like UGC posts, imagine how cool it would be for an expert to receive a notification that a brand liked their post? If you need a user profile for your brand, just contact your CS support.
  • Gain some true expert insight: See content you like? Click through to their profile to learn how they are affiliated, what other brands they are passionate about and view their UGC.
  • Get your brand reps onboard: Know someone who should be a part of the ExpertVoice community? You can easily invite them to join the ExpertVoice family with the click of a button! FYI: your reps use this tool all the time when they are visiting key accounts!


Download the app here.

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