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Product Demos

How to build authentic influence with the ExpertVoice Advocacy Platform.

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At Authentic Influence Everywhere, ExpertVoice CEO Tom Stockham and influencer marketing strategist Amanda Russell sat down to talk about all things authentic influence. They covered steps to finding the right people, building organic and mutually beneficial relationships and getting them talking about your brand in the places and spaces you want to generate excitement about your brand— be it online or out in the world.

To put the learnings into practice, you’ll need the right tools at your disposal. The ExpertVoice Advocacy Platform is an all-in-one brand advocacy solution to do just that. Let’s jump right into the platform and explore the ways that communities, campaigns and content can build your brand.

A quick introduction to the Advocacy Platform.


Build partnerships with brand advocates based on passion rather than paid transactions. The ExpertVoice Community Manager allows you to do just that by giving you the tools to identify the right brand advocates, manage your community and 1:1 relationships and reward your advocates for their contributions to your brand. Bring over your existing advocates or source them from our pool of vetted industry professionals and manage them all on one intuitive platform.


Now that you have the right people ready to rally behind your brand, it’s time to deepen their understanding of what sets you apart. By providing your brand advocates with educational opportunities and immersive experiences, you can rest assured that they’ll be equipped to give in-depth, informed product testimonials both online and out in the world. The kind of product recommendations that will build trust with consumers and drive sales for your brand.


Once your advocacy program is up and running, gathering content— in the form of written e-commerce reviews, UGC images, video reviews and so much more—your marketing team is tasked with finding streamlined ways to collect that content, filter through it and share it in all the places that will have the biggest impact on your brand’s bottom line. Managing creator content on ExpertVoice saves time and simplifies the process.

Build authentic influence for your brand.