4 Steps to a Successful Brand Ambassador Recruitment Funnel

4 Steps to a Successful Brand Ambassador Recruitment Funnel

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What are the four steps to a successful brand ambassador recruitment funnel?

Here at ReadyPulse, we have seen dozens of implementations and understand the best practices to create a successful brand ambassador recruitment funnel. In four steps, here is what we have learned works best to find social influencers that will make your brand ambassador programs successful.

1. Create the profile of the person you want as an ambassador. Use as much detail as possible in creating this profile. What age of person is your ideal ambassador? Gender? Hobbies? If you create a complete story, down to the name and geographic location of your ideal ambassadors, you’ll have an easier time winnowing prospects for strong matches.

2. Create a list of influencers who could prospectively match your desired brand ambassador profile. You want to find a number of influencers who could match your profile. At this point, you don’t have to have the list narrowed down. Start with a list of prospects roughly ten times the number of ambassadors you eventually want to bring on. To make things easier, consider using a platform that can allow gathering of data from social networks and can filter / sort based on your criteria.

3. From your prospect list, select the top 25% of prospects to receive an invitation to complete a survey. The number of surveys you send out will need to be roughly twice the number of ambassadors you want to recruit. Your surveys should be roughly twenty to forty questions, and focus on topics including: demographic information about name, age, geographic location, and gender; hobbies relevant to your brand; social media handles; other brand ambassador commitments; frequency of product reviews; and clothing or shoe sizes.

4. From survey respondents, choose the influencers who most closely align with your brand personality to invite to your ambassador program. At this point, you should have narrowed your search for potential ambassadors to influencers who match the profile of your ideal ambassador. Invite them to become brand ambassadors in personalized invitations that welcome them to the program, provide them with information about the mode of communication you will have with them, and outline your expectations of them. If they agree, you have identified your new ambassadors!

For guidance on every stage of creating and maintaining a successful brand ambassador program, check out The Savvy Brand’s Ebook to a Successful Brand Ambassador Program.

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Lauren Gould , Product Marketing Manager

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