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Have you ever wished there was an easy way to quickly communicate information about your brand to your expert audience? You know, content that you don’t necessarily need an EduGame for nor should it be required to gain access to your store, just a place to post videos? 

Brands now have the ability to upload videos to their brand page via the new Learn app inside the Advocacy Platform. The video stream on your brand page is similar to a YouTube feed, they do not end in an Edu-Game nor do they unlock access to your store or other rewards. Videos can be posted and taken down as often as you like and can be grouped by topic or theme.

  • NOTE: These videos can be viewed by anyone that lands on your brand page, not just your targeted audience. This can be a great way to communicate information about your brand to people that may not have access to your educational content or store discounts. 

Contact your Customer Success partner to gain access to the new Learn app. The instructions below provide a step-by-step tutorial about how to upload your videos to the Advocacy Platform from your computer. These videos will appear below your Learn and/or Shop campaigns and any “featured products” that may appear on your brand page.  

How to upload videos

Step 1: Sign-in to the Advocacy Platform

  • On the left side of the page, tap the Learn app.
  • Click “Brand Video Library” and select “Add Topic to Library.”


Step 2: Create a topic for your video(s)

  • Add a video topic name (max 100 characters) and description (max 250 characters; optional) and click Save. The description will show underneath the title. Example topics include Spring 2020 Product Line, Must-Have Gear, or Backpacking 101.

Step 3: Add basic video information

  • Click “Add Video to Topic” and add a video heading (max 80 characters) and description (max 250 characters; optional).
  • Click Upload Video to select an existing video from your computer.
    • FYI: Uploading from a web address link like YouTube won’t work at this time. This feature is still in development.

Step 4: Preview and publish

  • On the right side of the page, preview what the video will look like on Desktop and Mobile.
  • Select a publication status. In order for experts to see the video, you must select “Published.” We never publish a video without your consent.

  • Tap Save to finish. Your video(s) will now appear on your brand page underneath the section titled “Brand Videos.”

Helpful tips

  • When you upload a video, the video file is imported to ExpertVoice. Higher resolutions, such as 4K or 1080p, can take more time to process. 
  • The maximum video upload size is 1 gigabyte (GB) – consider uploading a video that is lower resolution.
  • When you publish a video, the video is made available for all experts to watch on your ExpertVoice brand page.
  • Rewards are not provided to experts for viewing the videos in your video library.
  • To change the order of your videos in a topic, click the “⠿”button to drag and drop.
  • To add more videos to a topic, click the “+” or “⠇” buttons.
  • To edit video details, unpublish a video, or delete a video from a topic, click the “⠇”button on your Brand Video Library page. Click the red button on the pop-up warning message if you would like to move forward with unpublishing or deleting the video(s).

Watch an example

If you’d like to review how to upload your videos to the Advocacy Platform, watch the video below.

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