AP Updates


How to add your Advocacy Marketing Certification to LinkedIn

After completing Best Practices, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to manage an effective advocacy marketing program on ExpertVoice — and rewarded with a LinkedIn certification to prove it.

Expert Experience

New Expert Search and Follow Functionality

You can now find fellow experts and follow their profiles from your personal ExpertVoice profile.

Analytics and Reports

New Filters in the Education Reports of the Analytics App

You can now filter the Education by Team report to view the total number of experts attempting and passing your brand's Edu-Games or passing your Unique Modules.

Analytics and Reports

New Filter in the Conversion over Time Report of the Analytics App

You can now filter the Conversion over Time report to see how many total experts leave ExpertVoice to visit your redirect store and browse your products.

Analytics and Reports

New Product Catalog Build for Brands with Redirect Stores

Brands with a redirect store can now host their product catalog on ExpertVoice and capture expert recommendations.

Recommendations and Reviews

Automate the Syndication of Expert Reviews

The Automation setting within Curate allows you to automatically add expert reviews that meet certain criteria to your brand’s e-commerce pages.

Analytics and Reports

New Report in the Analytics App: Search Term Frequency

A new report showing a 12-month summary of what search terms experts use to discover your brand and products on ExpertVoice.