Author: David Shum

Looking for a way to provide select experts with unique brand experiences? The search is over. Build and manage your own communities of hand-selected, trusted brand advocates in the ExpertVoice Advocacy Platform, and engage with them on a more personal level than ever before with specialized campaigns.
Deliver a custom experience to more experts with the new features and expanded services included in the most recent ExpertVoice Advocacy Platform update.
Meet Anne Grofvert, a lifelong Michgander and avid cyclist. With thousands and thousands of miles under her belt, Anne is a tested cycling expert. Read on get to know Anne and her adventures.
Meet Danny Rodriguez, a climber living in Virginia, is no stranger to adventure. Coming to ExpertVoice as a member of the American Alpine Club, he’s been a certified expert since 2016.
Meet Rachel Miller, a naturals expert working for Sprouts, living in Tucson, AZ. Rachel’s been with ExpertVoice since 2019, get to know her and her expertise.
So how can you increase the frequency at which experts leave authentic recommendations for your products on ExpertVoice? Here are eight easy tactics brands can implement to promote more experts leaving more product recommendations on ExpertVoice.
It’s now easier to process your ExpertVoice orders using only one system. Through a new partnership with TrueCommerce, ExpertVoice brands can now integrate their Shopify stores with their ExpertVoice accounts.
Experts come from all walks of life. And with over a million of them on ExpertVoice, we try to get to know as many of them as possible. Recently, we had the chance to get to know Josh Bessette, from Grand Coulee, Washington by way of Shiocton, Wisconsin in.
Five reviews. That’s all it takes to lift a product’s likelihood to sell by 270%. In fact, customers that interact with ratings and reviews are twice as likely to convert as those who don’t. How do you best utilize product reviews to lift sales and conversion?
The ExpertVoice Diversity and Inclusion committee recently ran a survey for all employees to weigh in on a myriad of subjects – from frivolous to serious – see what we found out about ourselves.