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When consumers head to the supplement aisle of their grocery or health foods store, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the options. In a sea of labels, it can be difficult to know the meaning behind the bottle.

Youtheory partnered with ExpertVoice to help differentiate themselves from other nutrition brands. With twenty minutes of content, including custom video, Youtheory wanted experts to be fluent in everything Youtheory — from the brand story and quality control to the specific products and formulations.

Video is a powerful tool for brands to connect with our experts. It allows them to see behind the scenes and hear what they need to know from the people who work at a brand. Youtheory wanted to humanize their company and connect with our experts through custom video.

Youtheory is all about transparency in the purity and quality of its product. Instead of simply describing the facilities and manufacturing processes, we leveraged an on-location video shoot to give our experts an exclusive look at Youtheory’s manufacturing practices in Los Angeles, California.


Connecting Experts to Experts 

Dr. Nick Bitz is the Chief Scientific Officer at Youtheory. As the brains behind most formulations, Dr. Bitz was a natural choice to talk about Youtheory products. Not only that, he also provides the depth of knowledge our experts crave. Educating and inspiring experts to be advocates on behalf of a brand multiplies the reach of Bitz’ knowledge to consumers, many times over.

Dr. Bitz’s scientific background makes it possible for him to distill complicated nutritional information and share it in a conversational way. Collagen has become an increasingly popular supplement over the years and Dr. Bitz is able to explain that there isn’t a significant difference between the different types of collagen. What consumers really need to be paying attention to, he says, is not the type of collagen, but how the collagen is processed.

Check out the full lesson here.


Unrestricted Access

The CEO of Youtheory, Darrin Rude, gave us a tour of the facility and even let us film inside. That kind of transparency, especially in the nutritional category, gives experts a close-up view of the manufacturing process and how it translates into the quality of the finished product.

The Value of Video

We know that 50 percent of consumers are looking for expert advice on what to buy when they enter a retail store. And 73 percent say product knowledge is what they need most from a sales associate. What better way to connect to those sales associates than directly addressing them through the power of video?

Plus, experts love engaging with video content. A month after a brand releases video content on ExpertVoice, engagement with that brand is 2x what it was the month before the release.

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