Best of 2022

Let’s celebrate 2022.

In 2022, we connected with our favorite brands, discovered tons of new products, and reveled in the wisdom of thousands of experts. Brands gained access to the Campaign Manager in the Advocacy Platform, providing them the ability to gather and engage with their most powerful advocates whenever they choose. Experts uncovered the power of sharing their recommendations in videos with their product reviews. We’re looking forward to continuing to grow together in 2023.


2022 by the numbers

Advocacy Campaigns

Edu-Game Plays

Expert Recommendations


Best campaign manager


Brooks is an early adopter of new self-service tools in the Advocacy Platform, launching more than 10 campaigns in 2022. During one 3-month push to boost sell-through of the Ghost 14, Brooks seeded this product to 6,000 credentialed experts, increasing sales of the Ghost 14 on ExpertVoice by 230% when compared with the previous 3 months. Brooks also leveraged ExpertVoice Studios to create a dynamic custom lesson about its Nitro technology. 


Best expert-generated content


Ledlenser is the recognized leader in portable illumination — but saying you’re the best only goes so far. Ledlenser turned to ExpertVoice members to put their headlamps to the test and record their feedback in video reviews. ExpertVoice curated these expert-generated videos for a video-only lesson, with the aim of inspiring a larger audience of Ledlenser advocates.


Best expert recognition

Athlon Optics

Athlon Optics continuously shows its brand advocates on ExpertVoice how much it values their expertise and their feedback, creating a healthy, two-way relationship. Athlon gives encouraging responses to expert UGC and reviews. The brand adds a bonus gift, such as a T-shirt or hat, in experts’ orders. Plus, Athlon shares exclusive educational content throughout the year, including one custom lesson that gave experts a virtual, backstage pass to Athlon’s booth at the industry’s biggest trade show.

As we grow, the experts on ExpertVoice provide real-world experience to new and existing consumers, alike. While these consumers’ skill sets and experience levels vary, brand advocacy from these experts helps further education about our products, ensuring our customers make the right product decision to fit their particular needs.”

Drake Adams, sales manager, Athlon Optics


Best custom lesson


Nomatic collaborated with award-winning photographer and filmmaker Peter McKinnon to make its dream camera bags. This partnership inspired ExpertVoice Studios to collaborate with member experts to try out the new camera bags and give our expert audience an authentic, 360-degree view of the product line.


Best templated lesson


MegaFood partnered with ExpertVoice Studios to create this templated lesson in tandem with the launch of a new nutrition product at Expo West 2022. The lesson includes a custom video with a virtual interview, giving MegaFood the perfect venue to explain to retail experts the benefits of the new product before it hit the store shelves.


Best product sampling campaign

Cusa Tea & Coffee

With the help of one of the newest campaign types in the Advocacy Platform, Cusa Tea & Coffee distributed more than 300 free samples to hand-selected retail sales associates and industry professionals over a 9-week campaign. The brand collected 163 product reviews, with an average 4.7-star rating and 139 expert-generated photos.

“It’s the most effective way we could have driven brand awareness. It generated a ton of reviews and content — a 10 out of 10 for us.”

Jim Lamancusa, Founder and CEO of Cusa Tea and Coffee


Best custom video

Leica Sport Optics

Technologies are usually easier to see than to describe. To support the launch of Leica’s next-generation, range-finding binocular, ExpertVoice Studios filmed a series of custom videos that show an expert demonstrating the binocular in the field. Motion graphics illustrate how the technology works and how you can pair the binocular with your smartphone for real-time data. The videos are part of a custom lesson designed to drive knowledgeable recommendations of the new binocular.


Best retail advocacy


Feetures wanted to empower experts working in retail stores to make more informed recommendations, more often. Targeting key retailers, such as REI and Fleet Feet, with a yearlong strategy to consistently release new education campaigns, Feetures tripled its engagements on ExpertVoice. The April lesson, “Find Your Feetures Fit,” was a fan favorite among experts, because they learned how to match consumers with the best sock for their needs.


Best video recommendation

Lucas Spencer for Edge Eyewear

In July 2022, ExpertVoice released the ability for experts to create video recommendations. Being able to see and hear authentic product advice is helpful both to brands and to consumers. Lucas Spencer created several video recommendations, showing both his product expertise and his skill at content creation. This video recommendation for Edge Eyewear is a cut above the rest.


Best community manager


LifeSeasons has used the Community Manager for more than a year to engage long-time fans of their brand, as well as cultivate new super fans. In 2022, LifeSeasons seeded several products to its community, and in turn, collected many high-quality reviews and UGC posts. In addition, the brand launched specialized education to their community to build brand awareness and drive product advocacy.