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Brands strive to connect with their audience. They create messaging to connect with your audience. You create messaging to showcase your products and your story, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. Consumers today are more savvy than ever before. They’re good at recognizing what’s authentic and what’s not. A behind-the-scenes (BTS) video that shares a compelling story in a relatable way can help. It can reach and engage your audience in three ways: build brand value, establish brand trust and humanize your brand.

Building Brand Value

Does your audience know everything your brand stands for? There are many things a brand does to bolster its image, position and overall value. But they aren’t always communicated to the consumer. A well-crafted BTS video can offer an inside look at your brand and everything it values.

Being an outdoor adventure brand, The North Face is an advocate for the environment and sustainability. To make people aware of their efforts and to elevate their image as a socially responsible company, they created a BTS piece highlighting their push for sustainability. Check it out here:

Building Brand Trust

Establishing trust between a brand and a consumer can be tricky. How do you get consumers to believe the message about the benefits of your product? Giving your audience an inside look at your brand is a great opportunity to showcase your business from the development of the product to its manufacturing and finally its fulfillment and delivery. This gives consumers a view of how your brand ensures quality is not lost along the way.

When it comes to cycling, wheel quality is crucial. To show that they build reliable, high-quality wheels, Reynolds offers a look into their manufacturing process and what they do to ensure they’re making the best products.

Humanizing Your Brand

A brand is more than its products. It’s a group of people that care about the product and the customer. A BTS video is the perfect way to convey this to your audience. Bringing a camera into the workplace offers a look at the people that work hard to create your product. Build your brand’s authenticity, show that your company is more than a name and a logo.

Garden of Life wanted to tell their company story and culture. To do so, they highlighted the Garden of Life family by bringing the audience into the office, hearing the company’s story from the CEO and learning about brand culture from the inside. Utilizing a BTS video, they humanized their brand and presented the people behind the logo.

People want to know who they’re interacting with. They also want to know about the brands they’re buying from. Peel back the curtain with a behind-the-scenes video and give your audience the chance to see what sets your brand apart. Give them a deep dive into your technologies, the origin of your brand story and the hardworking people who create the products they love. Looking for a world-class video team to share your brand’s story? We’re here for you.

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