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These experts Never Stop Exploring. Not only do they live by the The North Face slogan, they’re also pretty pumped about TNF gear. Here’s a roundup of our most passionate and experienced experts’ favorite TNF gear:

  • Tai Robinson grew up in in Steamboat Springs, Colo., AKA Ski Town U.S.A. After competing for years as a freestyle skier, he began coaching ski & snowboard athletes and is now a judge for freestyle & freeski events.

    Tai’s love for The North Face is personal. While freeskiing was still in its infancy, the brand supported the new-school sport, providing “great opportunities for many athletes, as well as an incredible competition experience.”

    Tai’s favorite TNF product is the Powder Guide Vest. “Used by Ski Patrol around the world, this vest eliminates the need for a backpack and has been especially helpful for my duties as a Freestyle & Freeski Official.”

    TNF_Powder Guide Vest
    Allison Souza and her fiance are such hardcore adventurers that they got engaged at the northern terminus of The Long Trail. They spend their weekends hiking, mountain biking and trail running — they even took first and second place in a 30-mile trail race throughout the Taconic Range. Since they spend a lot of time outdoors, Allison knows the importance of reliable gear. She says, “I know why The North Face is the trusted choice amongst the most elite.”

    Allison’s favorite product is the Warm Me Up Tights. “They’re my go-to bottoms for every adventure. I remember the most gnarly thunderstorm in the Catskills. It was pouring rain and we had to take shelter under some cliffs. We were so wet and cold that we huddled together for heat. I was wearing my Warm Me Ups and was impressed with how quickly they wicked the moisture and dried. In that moment, I was grateful for investing in the best gear.”

     TNF_Warm Me Up Tights

    Holly Pendlebury is a qualified watersport, ski and adaptive ski instructor who lives in Banff National Park where the temperature drops to an ungodly cold. With a background in fashion design focusing on sportswear, Holly is particular about the details, especially when it comes to pockets. That’s why she’s such a big fan of the Morph Jacket. “It’s a must-have for every season. It’s perfect for layering and the fact it doesn’t have a hood means there’s no extra bulk. I was nervous that without a hood my neck might get cold, but the guys at TNF have thought of everything — the collar is a decent size to keep away the wind. I like the addition of the chest pocket and that the pockets are decent-sized, where a lot of womenswear have tiny pockets. And the sleeves are slightly longer with a fitted wristband, a clever design to keep your hands protected from the cold.”

    Another one of Holly’s favorite pieces is the Ceptor Anorak Jacket. “I absolutely love it. The pockets are flattering whilst also being functional. It’s also super easy to get on and off. I was worried the over-the-head entry would be annoying when wanting to change layers but it hasn’t bothered me at all. The media pocket is great for your iPhone/iPod and headphones. It also looks awesome; I have had loads of people compliment me on it.”

    A pocket purist with experience in designing outerwear, Holly is grateful for the innovative team at The North Face. “To the design and pattern cutting team in the women’s department, THANK YOU!”

    Pierre-Alexandre Desrochers has been working in the sport retail industry for the past seven years. When he’s not on the sales floor, he’s backcountry skiing, climbing, cycling and camping. He says, “When I practice those sports, I trust my TNF equipment to perform under any condition.”

    Pierre’s personal favorite: the Base Camp Duffel Bag. With 71-liter storage capacity and detachable shoulder straps, Pierre says, “It allows me to transport all my gear I need when I go on a trip with friends, like skiing the Tuckerman Ravine in New Hampshire.”

    Pierre’s also a big fan of the Himalayan Mitts. “I used them every day as a snowmobile guide in Yukon, Canada. And I bought a pair for my father — he is so happy with them! I take them on every winter trip. They are really light for the warmth they provide.”

    Aaron Bennett started skiing at just two-years-old. Learning from his cousins — one of whom was on the Vail Ski Team — he was quickly drawn to the quality and durability of The North Face. “It was a brand I could rely on. Their products weren’t just luxury, they were essential.” During a three-week excursion in Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, Aaron was glad he brought his TNF gear along, stating their “uncompromising quality” were “a big part of the experience.”

    Aaron loves the super-strong yet lightweight eight-person 2-Meter Dome Tent, calling it “iconic” and raving about its ability to survive the most extreme adventures. He’s also a big fan of the synthetic sleeping bag that provides ultimate warmth and protection in sub-zero temperatures, the Dark Star Sleeping Bag.“It is the most useful bag I have ever owned. I don’t think you can have too many.”


    Patrick Fletcher is “very picky” when it comes to tents, claiming his endorsement is not easily earned. He considers the ease of set up and take down, packed size, weight and durability. When weather conditions forced Patrick and his brother to make camp in an unexpected and inconvenient spot in the northern Ontario wilderness, he was grateful they brought The North Face Wawona 4. “We unpacked the tent and to our relief, had it up in minutes. I was really impressed by the roominess and head room. Over the next week the Wawona stood up to high winds and driving rains. I would put it up against any other tent of higher price and equal size, and the headroom is by far the most generous I have seen in that class. I continue to recommend it to this day.”

    With over 20 years of extensive outdoor experience — canoeing, portaging, camping, hunting, angling and rock climbing — and a master in wilderness survival, Patrick puts his gear through the wringer.That’s why he’s a fan of the Tsumoru Boots. “After three pairs of Merrells that wetted out at the worst times, I’m happy to say the North Face boots have held up and kept me warm and comfortable.”

    As one of our oldest and favorite partnerships, we agree with the experts: The North Face is pretty badass. Gear up for your next adventure with equipment and apparel that’s reliable, functional and good looking with The North Face.


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