Arc'teryx - Case Study

Learn how Arc’teryx identifies and engages with experts by scaling educated recommendations.

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Give your consumers better product experiences with retail sales associates.

Arc’teryx is a leader in the outdoor industry, with a focus on the finest products for outdoor adventures. Their equipment’s higher price point reflects the high performance they’re known for. As a company, they seek to combine revolutionary technology with innovative design to make products that empower an adventurer with confidence.

“We know that if somebody uses the product and has had a chance to see the quality and functionality, they will be advocates for it. It’s why we work with ExpertVoice.”


- Kent Hawkins, Channel Marketing Manager, Americas, Arc’teryx

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The problem

Arc’teryx believes in the power of a retail sales associate’s recommendation when a consumer is deciding what to buy.

Consumers have so many options at so many price points, they need voices with recommendations they can trust. But for brands like Arc’teryx, a big problem can stand in the way: scaling hands-on product use and product education.

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The Results
Edu-Games taken
Experts engaged
Products seeded
Experts purchased
in sales
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The solution

Arc’teryx partnered with ExpertVoice to scale product recommendations by doing the following:


Identify the associates already having daily conversations with consumers looking to buy


Provide compelling discounts to these associates, empowering them with first-hand product experience


Educate them on company history, key products, and initiatives for each season


Measure the initiatives

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The story

Arc’teryx creates high performance products that can appear out-of-reach for a consumer, particularly in a retail world with seemingly endless product choices and just as many prices to choose from.

In order to help a consumer understand the value of their innovative technology and high-design pieces, Arc’teryx educates the individuals who help those consumers directly at the point-of-purchase: retail sales associates.

“It’s more and more challenging to get time in stores to do a product knowledge session with staff. By using ExpertVoice, we have key training that staff can quickly go through in 5-10 minutes, and get up to speed on products and initiatives for the season. It’s a way to build the tool once, but then reach tens of thousands.”

In partnering with ExpertVoice, Arc’teryx is able to scale identification, education, and product seeding. In YEARS, Arc’teryx has made the decision to not only empower associates with consistent education, but to make the products more easily accessible. Many associates are students or part-time employees, and the price point can be a barrier. Arc’teryx provides a discount so they can get the product at a manageable price, allowing the associate to test, use, and authentically advocate for the product to a consumer.


“We may lose money on that transaction, but the reality is if that person wears the product themselves, they’ll sell 3-5 of them over the season. We aren’t losing money; we’re providing an opportunity for a floor staff person to authentically talk about it.”

So why does Arc’teryx work with ExpertVoice? According to Arc’teryx, it’s about tapping into the expert community. “You want to have someone who’s more educated on a brand or category than you are. Having them informed with personal product experiences makes a difference to the consumer.”