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Let the passion and experience of experts speak for you. Discover how UGC, User-Inspired Content and online reviews can build a relationship of trust and authenticity between you and your customers.

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Scale authentic recommendations through online product reviews to grow eCommerce sales and build relationships with retailers. Leverage extensive product knowledge and real-life experiences to gain insights about how experts use, perceive, and value your product.


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Inspire, connect, and convert your loyal product experts to tell their story featuring your products. Look beyond commissioned content and share authentic stories through the experts your consumers trust.

User-Inspired Content (UIC)

Identify a real-life expert who exudes the passion that inspires your consumers. Put them in the lead role for your marketing efforts and use high-quality, high-production-value imagery, assets, and video to capture their passion for your audience.

Meet the experts your customers trust


Jason H.

Salt Lake City, UT | Member since 2016

Jason loves to post photos of his newest gear, comment on other posts, and keep up to date on his favorite brands and products with in-depth content and videos.

As a guide I love seeing repeat customers show up decked out in the gear I recommended last year.


Alex N.

Seattle, WA | Member since 2016

Alex doesn't just work at one of the largest beauty retailers, she also buys beauty products daily and posts about them on her Instagram. She also tests her knowledge of beauty trends and insights, and has dozens of buying conversations with her friends, family and complete strangers. How do we know? We track it, analyze it and frankly, she tells us.

Nothing gives me more satisfaction than helping my friends and co-workers fall in love with a new product. I'm addicted to beauty - and Experticity helps me feed that addiction!


Bob R.

FL | Member since 2016

Bob never stops running — unless it's to spend time claiming the perks he gets from quizzing himself on the hours of exclusive Run category content available on Experticity.

I'm VERY hard on new shoe purchases — if I don't love something after one run, it's out. Experticity has helped me get into shoes I love year after year, which helps me feel confident recommending to my customers.


Diana K.

NY | Member since 2016

Diana is a bit of a renaissance woman. Consumer Electronics, Fitness, Climbing and Housewares are but a few areas of her expertise. Her blog, "The Modern Momma," is filled with endless questions posed to her by men and women as passionate as her — but looking for a little guru guidance.

Experticity is my secret weapon. People have no idea how I stay informed and always have the latest and greatest gear...It's my dirty little secret.

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