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In the last month, thirteen new brands launched their programs on the ExpertVoice platform, providing experts the opportunity to feed their passion for expertise across the categories of hunt, fish, snow, outdoor, bike, and automotive. Learn who they are and see how expert behavior is trending as we launch into the holidays!Welcome to the ExpertVoice family:


leica logo an ExpertVoice brandBlack Crows logo an ExpertVoice brand

Fox an ExpertVoice brand









Corsa logo an ExpertVoice brand (1)

b4adventure logo an ExpertVoice brand

Sanuk logo an ExpertVoice brand









Mr Target logo an ExpertVoice brand

Talon logo an ExpertVoice brand

Islander logo an ExpertVoice brand









Mustad logo an ExpertVoice brand

mystery ranch logo an ExpertVoice brandZeropoint logo an ExpertVoice brand










Here’s a little recap of what’s been happening on the ExpertVoice platform in the last month:

  • Experts took 988,149 EduGames last month
  • 22,843 new experts joined ExpertVoice in October
  • Experts placed 57,308 orders last month
  • Experts purchased $8.3M worth of products last month
  • Experts made 4,652 digital recommendations* on ExpertVoice last month
  • Experts uploaded 4,136 pieces of UGC** last month to ExpertVoice


If you are interested in learning more or would love us to share other information, just reach out.


*What’s a recommendation? Check out any hosted store on the platform, experts can write a recommendation about the gear they own as well as leave a likelihood to recommend score.

**What’s UGC? This is User Generated Content that the experts have loaded to the ExpertVoice platform, often tagging brands that they are using in the photo.

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