Quickly Build & Launch Campaigns with Social Influencers

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  • Find social influencers on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.
  • Extend customer-created photos across your marketing.
  • Deploy social influencer marketing campaigns that inspire.
  • Easily grow, manage & measure influencer programs.
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The #1 Social Influencer Marketing Platform

Experticity makes it easy to recruit your best social influencers and authentic social content that inspires product awareness and purchasing decisions for consumers.

Recruit & Activate The
Best Social Influencers

Authentic people on social inspire your customers. Experticity taps into people and content across social networks and builds trends around your products.

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Easily Build & Grow Social Influencer Programs

Accelerate reach by deploying social influencer programs that work. Easily manage, grow and empower social influencer and campaigns from a central location – no IT required.

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Gain Authentic Content from Social Networks

Watch your CTRs skyrocket! People trust and click on authentic photos more than marketing ads. Experticity automatically curates authentic content and surfaces the best for your marketing.

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Launch Authentic
Campaigns People Trust

Today's consumers are chatting and sharing photos on social or in-person. Use proven campaign templates and tools that create an authentic experience that drives more sales.

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Product Awareness

Get your products trusted faster, marketed farther and desired more. Experticity provides all the tools to find social influencers and build campaigns that drive revenue growth.

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Easily Measure & Gain
Actionable Insight

Track the success of your social people, influencer marketing campaigns and their content across your channels. Measure progress and ROI of social influencers.

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Connect & Guide Influencers with an Exclusive Web Portal

In minutes, configure and provide a beautifully designed web portal for your social influencers  no IT or programming required. Easily orchestrate success by communicating clear direction, best practices and streamlining the process to spread your message quickly.

Enjoy features such as:

  • In just a few clicks, create a unique look tailored to your brand
  • Enable your portal to be private or open to the public
  • Allow influencers to create a profile with direct access to their social network profiles
  • Communicate and manage perks, incentives and policies for campaigns
  • Enable influencers to post to social media with pre-established messaging and unique trackable referral links
  • Collect and publish owned and earned content

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Activate the Right Social Influencers for the Right Campaign Every Time


Use the Experticity platform to filter and segment social influencers into groups based on their profile, demographics, participation, content engagement, quality score, reach and custom filters depending on your unique needs.

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Be the Hero in Your Organization. Turn Influencers into Business Growth.

Easily track and measure influencer campaigns with the following analytics and reporting:

  • Influenced Revenue
  • Participation Rate
  • Total Content Collected
  • Influenced Conversions
  • Best Performing Influencer
  • Best Performing Content
  • # Shares
  • # Impressions
  • Brand Impressions
  • Brand Mentions
  • Total Community Growth

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