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The launch of the Advocacy Platform this spring allows brands the opportunity to monitor and customize their analytics, engage with experts and begin to curate expert generated content (EGC). This was just a starting point though. In May we began alpha testing the ability for brands to curate and syndicate expert recommendations made on our platform to their own digital commerce channels. In a day and age when consumers lack trust – are skeptical of paid advertising, suspicious of potential fake reviews and cynical about the authenticity of online influencers – ExpertVoice is excited to provide consumers with the chance to hear from vetted experts about their experience with certain products.

Every month, more than 3,000 recommendations are generated on ExpertVoice. This alpha test allows brands to significantly expand the reach of their experts by using the recommendations outside the ExpertVoice platform. In the early stages of the alpha test, the expert recommendations will appear on a brand’s product display page within their own e-commerce channel. The recommendation will be featured separate from other reviews on the page and consumers will see the expert’s name, level of familiarity with the product and their expert credential. Consumers also have the ability to upvote or downvote each expert recommendation, providing greater insight on the value of an expert recommendation. We look forward to tracking the impact this type of engagement with trusted content has on conversion to purchase.

At the upcoming Expert Effect, we’ll share our learnings and take applicants for the beta test, anticipating a general availability release later this year. Looking to the future, we envision a world where brands can syndicate these recommendations to any of their e-commerce partners and retailers to support sell through, while simultaneously providing consumers greater visibility into the expert’s profile. As a consumer, imagine the increased confidence in your purchase decision if you understand and trust the recommender’s knowledge and experience with the product. As a brand, if your consumers trust they are buying the right product because of an expert recommendation, imagine the reduction this could have on their likelihood to return the product.

And that’s what we’re all about, right? Expert recommendations driving better buying decisions.

Still not sure what the Advocacy Platform is? Email for more information, a live demo of the analytics, UGC and recommendations apps.

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