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Improve e-commerce performance.

Share your highest quality product reviews with consumers on your e-commerce pages. The Recommendation Display shows a curated stream of credentialed reviews, sharing real names, faces and areas of expertise. This kind of authenticity builds trust, strengthens your brand perception and helps consumers feel more confident when buying your product.

Engage trusted product users.

Collect informed and knowledgeable reviews across your product line with campaigns to educate and seed your most influential audiences, wherever they work or play. Transparent user profiles mean that you can rest assured that the right people have the right access to your brand and products.


Get quality reviews and UGC when and where you need them.

Never take a product to market without quality reviews and UGC again. Create a proactive review strategy and hand select your next Product Sampling Campaign recipients to ensure the most qualified users put your products to the test.

Turn product reviews into revenue.

Boost ROI with campaigns that simultaneously drive conversion rates and generate UGC that is approved for use in your marketing strategy. Maximize e-commerce performance with optimization to track impact on revenue per session, average order value and conversion rate.


The power of credible product reviews — by the numbers.


average growth in revenue on product pages with ExpertVoice reviews


average lift in order value on product pages with ExpertVoice reviews


average lift in conversion rates on product pages with ExpertVoice reviews


of buyers say reviews impact their purchase decision


Scale your brand with a platform that is always working on your behalf.


AI collects and surfaces an ever-growing library of your highest quality reviews so that you don’t have to find the needle in the  haystack.

Always-on campaigns

Constantly educate and seed products to your target audiences inspiring more impactful and informed reviews

Review syndication

Automated review syndication means more eyes on your credentialed reviews using ExpertVoice’s integration with Bazaarvoice or Yotpo.

Creator-approved UGC

Your library of reviews, ratings and UGC content on   ExpertVoice is always growing and always approved by creators for  use across your digital marketing channels.


ExpertVoice integrates with your existing tech stack.

See E-commerce Advocacy in action

Build communities of trusted advocates to rally behind your brand. Make them stronger, more frequent recommenders with engaging campaigns and firsthand product experience. Gather their influential UGC and leverage it across all your channels to grow awareness and increase sales.

Key features of E-Commerce Advocacy



Engage an audience of credentialed people you can trust to provide honest and helpful product feedback.

Build a dedicated community of product testers.



Integrates with top e-commerce platforms like Google, Shopify and TrueCommerce to make order processing and catalog management a breeze.




UGC is pre-approved by the creator and always available to share with your consumer audience. Curation tools to easily surface your most impactful content.



Maximize e-commerce performance with optimization to track impact on revenue per session, average order value and conversion rate.

Analytics and reporting to track product seeding and engagement.



Product education to inspire more informed reviews.

Product sampling to ensure you never launch a product without quality reviews again.

Community challenges to keep your content pipeline full.



Customize the display of expert recommendations on your product pages to match the look and feel of your brand’s e-commerce site.

It’s time to level up your e-commerce experience.

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