Expert Profile: Patrick Sweeney

Expert Profile: Patrick Sweeney

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Patrick Sweeney firmly believes you need to do something that scares you, and to do it often. In fact, he recommends you do something that scares you at least once a month. It’s all a part of the lifestyle that he lives and recommends to others.

Facing fears as a career is a more recent development for Patrick, who has a history of pursuing endeavors that provide great fulfillment. From rowing in the Olympics, to later receiving his MBA, and eventually starting three different extremely successful tech companies, Patrick definitively embodies what it means to seek for, and achieve success.

He’s also a cancer survivor. And that’s the point where his story changes.

Few things in life can provoke fear the way a devastating medical diagnosis can, and after nearly losing the fight for his life, Patrick left his high-powered tech executive lifestyle behind, instead focusing on going back to finding what he states is “the adventurer within.”

Fear is a funny thing. While certain fears may be a biological necessity, at some evolutionary point, fear transitioned into keeping us from doing what we truly want to do, or from being completely successful, or from facing the realities that can help us change for the better. It takes many forms, from nominal phobias to crippling anxiety, and — for most human beings — at some point each form stands in the way of our ability to become who we want to be.

“To unlock life’s true potential, you have to tame fear,” states Patrick. “Fear is the most powerful, yet least understood force available in our lives. Most people do their best to avoid it.”

Patrick now describes himself as a full-time adventurer, traveling the world to challenge his body, mind, and spirit in exciting and inspiring ways. He encourages others to participate in activities that shift fears into strengths, through speaking opportunities and his Adventure Hub. Within that Hub he provides advice and inspiration on how to fuel your body with fitness and nutrition, how to fuel your mind through books and music, and how to fuel your spirit in meaningful ways. There’s even a section on parenting — perhaps one of the most fearful life endeavors of them all.

And as you could expect from a full-time adventurer, Patrick influences other would-be-adventurers, and has lots of expert recommendations for the gear to fuel your adventures.

For example, he never leaves without either a Leatherman or Benchmade Auto-opener, and his Bose in-the-ear noise cancelling headset. And since he loves to film his adventures, Patrick “always packs [his] Mavic pro drone, too — that’s phenomenal.”

To learn more about what expert tips and recommendations Patrick has for your next adventure, be sure to visit his Adventure Hub here.

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Jen Robinson , Content Strategist

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