Expert Spotlight: Jared Acquaro

Expert Spotlight: Jared Acquaro

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Jared Acquaro, a fashion expert for Experticity, saw an industry that revolved around status and perception, and six years ago he made it his mission to dispel the notion that high-class fashion requires a high spending budget. He created “A Poor Man’s Millions,” a blog that showcases various menswear styles and provides authentic reviews of men’s apparel and products. His unbiased recommendations gained Jared an impressive social media following and respect within the fashion community.

“Be yourself and create your own real identity.”

What should I buy? What’s worth the money? How do I know when I’m getting something good quality? In a society where style seems to define individuality, confidence and status, many people are nervous when making fashion decisions. Jared works to alleviate those concerns, “be yourself and create your own real identity” is the mantra he uses to guide his career. He’s proud of his work and enjoys the satisfaction of giving people confidence in their style choices.


“Being an expert to me means a sense of accomp­lishment in my work and knowing I am doing it right. Right, meaning I learn about menswear as a whole and can give an accurate opinion without being bias.”

Jared’s belief in the power of helping others is the reason he got involved in the industry. His commitment to providing accurate and unbiased opinions in men’s fashion has earned him a prominent seat at the table and he’ll continue offering quality information one blog post at a time.

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Heather Johnson , Lead Copywriter

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