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Long before joining the vast populous of Outdoor Industry professionals, I was just another tree-climber; a child raised in the historic mining realm in Northern California. Most of my scars are from my childhood: whittling wood, mountain bike crash-rash, minor burns from campfire embers. The lessons learned only fueled my intrigue for outdoor adventure. The time between birdsong at sunrise and slumber in a sleeping bag was spent running up trails, scrambling over boulders, jumping into secluded pools (or fishing in them) — and I loved every minute.

When I was just seven, my dad let me build and light the campfire for the first time. I meticulously placed gathered branches over twigs on a bed of dry pine needles and when the match hit the base, the fire caught. Since then, he’s always called me, “Sparky.”

Countless more camping trips with my dad, a self-proclaimed “Mountain Man,” shaped my coming-of-age as an outdoor adventurist. That love for adventure, be it on mountain or shoreline, partnered with a passion for camaraderie among kindred spirits is what inspired me to join the Air Force in 2004.

After serving my country, I moved around quite a bit, yet always found myself in locales that would support my addiction to nature. From Grass Valley to the coastal mountains of Santa Cruz — and everywhere in between — all spots on my map facilitated ample outdoor adventures with like-minded folk.

Expert Story Carly

My excitement and storytelling of outdoor experiences paved my path to management at Vail Resorts Retail quicker than the company had seen before. I was thirsty for more knowledge and eager to share it with anyone who would listen. Spreading the stoke is of the utmost importance to ensure more folks preserve nature, so I shared as often as possible, eventually becoming the Social Media Content Coordinator for the Any Mountain company.

Over the last few years, I’ve discovered the gear that only elevates my experiences. I love outdoor pants from Prana and The North Face due to their extreme comfort, fit, resilience to the elements, and packability. Also, after years of hiking in the wrong sports bras, I finally found the right fit and support in TNF’s Versitas Sports Bra; with their Stow & Go a close second.

Recently, I’ve “switched gears,” and my trail has forked into the bike industry. I guess it’s time to put the tread to the trail in an entirely new realm of awesome! I believe life is an epic adventure, and I support any organization that offers education and socially-conscious action to not only facilitate the act of living, but encourage the spirit of exploration in all people.

You can find more of Carly’s adventures on her Expert Profile, and on her Instagram accounts here and here.

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