ExpertVoice and the National Wellness Institute



Dr. John W. Travis, a National Wellness Institute thought leader for many decades, once said, “The currency of wellness is connection.” At NWI, we not only develop professionals in the field of health and wellness, but we act as a connector: a connector to education, a connector between people, and a connector to resources. As a partner with ExpertVoice we also know that connecting with brands, experts, retail sales and customers about our passions is critical to living a fully-engaged life.

Change is inevitable, and we know that now more than ever. By connecting our members, communities, and organizations to the proper resources they need, we are encouraging them to not be overwhelmed by change, but to recognize change as a growth opportunity.

For growth to be possible and to flourish, community is essential. Working together to help our strained members during this difficult time, ExpertVoice and the National Wellness Institute are working together to pool our resources for those who are struggling with the sudden uprooting of lives and routines.  Whether you are a retail salesperson, an employee at a manufacturer or a community expert like ski and snowboard professionals, guides, fitness instructors or event producers, adapting to our current circumstances is a big part of staying healthy. Below are several pieces of wellness “wealth” that NWI has developed, with the goal of promoting whole-person wellness, and a special emphasis on emotional and physical well-being.

  • Our Wellness Outlook page features a collection of resources established to help everyone struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic with emotional wellness, physical health, social awareness, spirituality and hope, workplace wellness, and intellectual pursuits.
  • NWI’s resources page includes downloadable tools that you can use for yourself, or with patients and clients, to promote well-being. NWI believes all 6 Dimensions of Wellness are interrelated, and each person should focus on the whole picture when searching for growth. You can download the 6 Dimensions of Wellness tools, along with many others. Those who sign-up as members of NWI have access to many other valuable benefits.
  • NWI also features live and on-demand webinars that educate and facilitate our community in various topics in the field of health and wellness. All of our webinars are 100% online, and flexible enough to work around any schedule. See our calendar of upcoming webinars here.

ExpertVoice and NWI will continue to work together to provide our shared community what they need to thrive and remain resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond. As connectors of the health and wellness industry, we see your struggle, and we’re here to help.

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