Find what your audience likes to do for fun to get better engagement – Interview with Corinne Cavanaugh

Find what your audience likes to do for fun to get better engagement – Interview with Corinne Cavanaugh



Here is the second interview in our Social Media Expert series. This time, we are excited to bring you Corinne Cavanaugh, CEO and Founder of Free Seattle Socially, a boutique social marketing agency based in Seattle.  I spoke to her today on a variety of topics including how customers should think about utilizing social media marketing agencies to drive marketing on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Here are some key points made by Corinne.

  • Businesses tend to try out social media on their own and get overwhelmed with the huge amount of data, content, and possibilities. That’s when they reach out to professional marketing agencies.
  • Social media strategy begins with a deeper look at the current brand assets. Social media is a new communication mechanism along with other channels such as print, TV, Email and Web. Hence, social media should fit along with other communication strategies.
  • Knowing your audience will help you target them better. It is not just about demographics but, really businesses should spend time in understanding what their target audience would like to do for pleasure on social media. Social media is not a serious affair. It is a leisure activity for most consumers and they engage with it when they have some time mostly to relax.
  • Identifying an agency to work with should be based on how much personal attention the agency can give to the business. Another way to see if you a specific marketing agency is right for you is based on the number and type of questions you get. If there are no questions of substance asked, then you should be wary of their capabilities.
  • Big brands have larger budgets to spend on marketing in general and hence get relatively better success rate because of $$ spent as well as the existing brand value. Smaller brands need to focus on building personal relationships and higher engagement to really connect with their audience. Such deeper relationship may not materialize with a bigger brand.
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Lauren Gould , Product Marketing Manager

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