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  • Turn BassPro retail associates into trusted brand experts.
  • Give fishing experts the chance to test-drive your gear.
  • Show fishing experts what makes your brand stand out from the rest.
  • Share content that makes trusted experts want to talk about your brand.

It’s time to unlock the power of experts.

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Everybody trusts experts.

We trust knowledge. Experience. Passion. Which is why experts who embody these characteristics have become our most trusted sources of advice and inspiration. Particularly on what to buy.

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Consumers know how to find fishing experts. Do you?

You do now. With Experticity, you can:

Connect with trusted experts.

People who’ve been vetted based on their experience, passion and expertise. People whose opinions truly matter to consumers and your brand. People likely already using, recommending and even selling your products every day.

Gain insights, advocates — and sales.

Find out how your brand is perceived by the best in your industry. Make sure they know your products so they can speak from experience. And watch as more experts in your corner leads to more consumers favoring your brand.

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Curate more authentic stories.

Your most powerful fans may already be talking up your brand online. Find out how, give them meaningful reasons to do it even more, and integrate these experts’ stories into yours.

Vortex Targets Experts Online & Offline

Vortex evolved their campaign strategy to involve a continual flow of inspiring campaigns, targeting experts that have both online and offline buying conversations. As a result, hunting and fishing experts are 95% more likely to recommend the brand than they were before.