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Since 2004 ExpertVoice has been the leading platform for growing brand advocacy through pro deals, industry discounts and retail training.

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Named for the ideal conversational distance (in feet) between two humans. The company’s original mission remains true today: to help brands utilize the power of one-on-one recommendations.



We acquire a website that rewards field professionals for acquiring more brand & product knowledge. Within two years we rename the website ProMotive.



We change our name to Experticity to reflect our increased emphasis on our member’s expertise and authenticity.



We acquire ReadyPulse, a software platform designed to amplify the online influence of real-world experts.



We change our name to ExpertVoice and evolve as a product-based tech company with the launch of the Advocacy Platform— refining our vision to help even more consumers make better buying decisions in all channels.


What's in it for me?

Knowledge and products. If you want to keep up on the newest products and get amazing discounts to get first hand experience with them then ExpertVoice is the place for you.

What's in it for the brands?

More sales. Brands want authentic, passionate people who give great advice to others to recommend their products. Not because those people are paid, but because they have real experience with the products and believe they are the best choice. ExpertVoice helps them get their products into the hands of these people so they get recommended more often, and the brands sell more.

Is this an affilliate program?

Nope. Complete lessons with behind-the-scenes looks at product innovations. Get sneak peeks at new product lines. And read the real-world experiences from other experts on ExpertVoice. All to help you be the most trustworthy source of product information.

Do I get paid?

Not here. Although some of the experiences you share with products may get shared with consumers, members don’t get paid to write reviews. Experiences shared on the platform are always authentic - never paid endorsements.

Are the discounts too good to be true?

The discounts are real. Each brand decides what discount to offer, and there is a range of discounts on the platform up to 60% off MSRP. Most members are pleasantly surprised about what is available to them once they qualify.

What’s the catch?

If you qualify, there isn’t one. Grow your expertise on ExpertVoice. Keep being a trustworthy source for product recommendations. And recommend the products you think are best.

No obligations. No restrictions. No catch.

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