Get ready for Campaign Manager

Get ready for Campaign Manager

What it is: Campaign Manager includes new features coming soon to the Advocacy Platform that will provide brands improved tools to manage their advocacy marketing campaigns on ExpertVoice. 

Why it matters: The Campaign Manager will give all brands the ability to:

  • ​​View all campaigns in one place: Whether your brand has launched one or multiple campaigns on ExpertVoice, Campaign Manager lets you view, sort, and organize all of your campaigns in one spot. 
  • Track and report on campaigns: View performance metrics such as expert engagements and orders that occurred during your campaign in a high-level dashboard. Download reports to help you better identify your top-performing campaigns.
  • Create and launch campaigns targeting the experts most important to you: Campaign creation tools1 will be available for brands to build their own lessons and campaigns on demand for unique audiences.
  • Quickly access your most frequently used assets: Lessons, incentives, audiences, and videos previously created are stored in a library. You can edit, duplicate, and reuse these assets in any new campaigns that you create.1

What this means for you: In the next few weeks, the Advocacy Platform will have a new look and feel – making it even easier for you to manage your advocacy marketing campaigns on ExpertVoice. 

In addition to the campaigns that ExpertVoice Studios creates and publishes on your behalf, you can supplement your ExpertVoice program with campaigns that you create1 using the new Campaign Manager features coming soon to the Advocacy Platform.

  • Campaigns and Libraries are two new features that will provide you with an improved set of campaign management tools. These features will be added to your left-hand menu.
  • Audience Selection in Configure will move to Campaigns. Brand Video Library will be renamed Featured Video Library and move to Libraries.
  • Learn will be sunset in a few weeks, which means brands who previously had access to this feature will no longer see Learn in the left-hand menu. The features of Learn will now be housed within Libraries.

When it will be available: The new Campaign Manager features, which include the above updates, will roll out to all brands in Q1 in the Advocacy Platform. Stay tuned for more information, or contact your Account Executive to learn more.

1Brands must have a signed scope of work to access the Campaign Manager campaign creation features in the Advocacy Platform. You can preview but not edit any campaign created by ExpertVoice Studios within the Advocacy Platform.