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In Trust We Trust

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Consumers trust marketing and advertising more than they trust U.S. Congress, but that’s a pretty low bar we’re using here. Is it really possible for a brand to market to consumers in a way that will actually influence purchasing behavior?

That was the core question posed at Experticity’s annual client summit, The Trust Factor, and the answer was very clear: Consumers trust authenticity, credibility, and expertise, and the brands who use those critical attributes in their marketing strategies are winning.

In addition to learning about the nature of trust, the power of incentive, and the history of influencer marketing, attendees were able to peek under the hood to check out what the Product team at Experticity is doing to improve marketing solutions for brands, experts, and consumers alike.

Here’s a rewind of each session, complete with a link to watch it in its entirety.

Tom Stockham – Retail Today

With retail shifting quickly, how can commerce evolve? Great product companies are going to win, and consumers will continue to seek out people they perceive as having expertise for considered purchased goods.

Tweet worthy: Everything today is geared on trust. Today commerce is evolving best and in the most interesting ways.

Watch here.


Kevin Knight – The State of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing first held enormous promise as a more authentic way to reach consumers, but influencer marketing soon became just as problematic (and inauthentic) as traditional advertising. The brands who take the time to find those credible influencers who provide both inspiration and advice to consumers will find a marketing tactic that truly drives conversion.

Tweet worthy: When real people use your products, it’s more relatable and authentic than a paid influencer.

Watch here.


Kent Grayson – The Trust Project

What does trust mean to you? For some it can imply truthfulness, authenticity, competency, or confidence. There are three building blocks to trust, and as we know all too well, broken trust has serious consequences. In a world of declining trust, marketers must up their trust game.

Tweet worthy: When trust works well, it’s like magic. Customers are willing to believe in things they otherwise wouldn’t.

Watch here.


Kristen Berman – The Science of Motivation

Marketing in itself is a confounded problem, where marketers are constantly trying to decipher the incentives consumers need. Before considering those incentives, however, marketers must take a step further back and consider what a consumer’s key barriers are.

Tweet worthy: We assume people are motivated by money, but studies show it actually detracts from motivation.

Watch here.


Experticity Panel: The Reebok Elite

For years Reebok has been known for great apparel, and in more recent years, for high intensity activities like Crossfit. What they have not been known for is a high-performance, elite running shoe, and as they prepared to launch back into that highly competitive space, they knew they needed a way to prove its worth to consumers. Enter: Experts in the form of the Reebok Elite.

Tweet worthy: We were looking for a community that would advocate for us out in the streets where we wanted to be.

Watch here.


Greg Cox – Improving Marketing for Consumers

Consumers are bombarded and attacked by the scary machinery of aggressive marketing tactics, but that isn’t at all what marketing should be about. If a brand truly believes that their products change lives for the better, then they are providing a fundamental human experience. And that necessitates actual humans, who are knowledgable, experienced, and passionate.

Tweet worthy: Marketing is about people connecting people to things that improve their lives.

Watch here.


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Jen Robinson , Content Strategist

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