January ’20 Site Trends and New Brands

The new year is off to a solid start welcoming the return of BodyGuardz along with multiple new players in the CBD space alongside opportunities for experts in pet, fish, hunt and more to get firsthand experience with products in their industry. Sixteen brands launched their programs in the past month to build advocacy amongst the people they know consumers trust for advice.

Welcome to the ExpertVoice family:



Along with new brands, relationships with new partner organizations continue to expand. Over the past month we began onboarding experts from Precision Rifle Series, 3Gun Nation, USCCA (US Concealed Carry Association) and CLEAT (Combined Law Enforecment Association of Texas). If there is a professional organization that you believe should be part of ExpertVoice, please reach out to Chris Cochella. You can read more about our initiatives to continuing growing the expert audience in this month’s blog post.

Like many companies, stats across the ExpertVoice platform dip somewhat in January from the highs of the holidays. However, our experts continued to stay engaged – they were busy testing products, taking photos and writing recommendations about all their holiday purchases. Total number of photos uploaded and recommendations written had very little decline from the holiday period. Additionally, the rate of experts learning and ordering product was higher than it was for January of 2019.

Read on below for a snapshot of activity around the platform. If you are interested in learning more, just reach out:

  • 29,404 new experts joined ExpertVoice in January.
  • 166,054 Experts educated themselves about their favorite brands last month
  • Experts spent $5,332,626 on ExpertVoice hosted stores last month. That translates to 43,884 distinct orders providing firsthand experience on 92,311 products.
  • Experts made 5,174 digital recommendations* on ExpertVoice throughout January.
  • Experts uploaded 2,971 pieces of EGC** to ExpertVoice during January.
  • Experts took 20,978,422 EduGames throughout November and December.

*What’s a recommendation? Check out any hosted store on the platform, experts can write a recommendation about the gear they own as well as leave a likelihood to recommend score.

**What’s EGC? This is Expert Generated Content – pictures experts have uploaded to the ExpertVoice platform, often tagging brands that they are using in the photo.

Written By

Becky Lyttle , Director of Customer Marketing

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