June Site Trends and New Brands

June Site Trends and New Brands

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11 new brands launched their advocacy program on ExpertVoice last month, including the return of popular brands like Jaybird and Flora Health.


Welcome to the ExpertVoice family:



The platform continues to evolve, exploring new and different ways to engage experts and increase their interaction with brands. Last month a new card launched in the feed and as well as a notification that prompts experts to leave a recommendation on their latest product purchases. In just a few short weeks of being live, it has already resulted in experts generating 1,000 additional recommendations over the prior 30 days. We also launched a special “Expert” feed, featuring a live stream of  EGC and recommendations. This provides another avenue to not only showcase brands, but to further build the expert community via their ability to interact with, comment and like content generated by other experts.


Aside from new features, here’s a recap of what else happened on the ExpertVoice platform throughout June. If you are interested in learning more or would like to see other stats, just reach out:


Experts took 651,631 EduGames last month.

25,469 new experts joined ExpertVoice in June.

Experts made 42,649 orders, purchasing 74,561 products last month on ExpertVoice hosted stores.

Experts purchased $5,487,054 worth of products last month via ExpertVoice hosted stores.

Experts made 4,369 digital recommendations* on ExpertVoice in June.

Experts uploaded 3,113 pieces of EGC** last month to ExpertVoice.


*What’s a recommendation? Check out any hosted store on the platform, experts can write a recommendation about the gear they own as well as leave a likelihood to recommend score.

**What’s EGC? This is Expert Generated Content – pictures experts have uploaded to the ExpertVoice platform, often tagging brands that they are using in the photo.



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Becky Lyttle , Director of Customer Marketing

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