Measuring influencer impact on retail sell through

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Sure, we have studies from the Wharton School of Business and the Keller Fay Group validating expert behavior and their likelihood to recommend after engaging with a brand on ExpertVoice (increase of 4 times). We’ve run consumer insight panels about the types of people consumers trust to help them make a better a buying decision (spoiler alert, it’s people with firsthand product knowledge and experience). We have data from polling our own experts about their recommendation behavior (38 recommendations provided each week by our experts)… but despite all this, what you really want to know are answers to questions like:

“How can I see the impact ExpertVoice is making for MY brand?


How can I prove that sales are seeing a lift because of my investment in ExpertVoice?”

The answer might be easier than you realize

If you have the ability to pull sell through data from any of your retailers, ExpertVoice has an in-house Marketing Intelligence team that can run a full analysis for you – comparing sell through at locations where experts have engaged with your brand to those that have not. Perhaps this is a partnership you could strike up with your key retailers to help them understand the importance of product training. Or maybe this is an analysis that would motivate your reps to double-down on their efforts to expand retail engagement. After all, it’s win win, because when you sell more, so do your retailers.

No additional cost

This data analysis service is available at no additional cost to you. We feel pretty confident you’ll like what you find, just check out the case studies from Wusthof (3.5 times increase in sales where stores had associates engaging) and Cellucor (26% lift in locations that engaged with content).Cellucor and Wusthof Logos







If this sounds interesting to you, reach out to your account executive and we’ll set up a meeting with our Marketing Intelligence team to talk about next steps.

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