Heather Silva Is A Mother, Dark Chocolate Lover, And Nutrition Expert

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Heather Silva Is A Mother, Dark Chocolate Lover, And Nutrition Expert

Expert Stories

Heather Silva’s interest in nutrition and fitness started at just 5-years-old when she wandered out to the family garden to pluck vegetables and experiment with original recipes — but it didn’t stop there. She also had an affinity for Richard Simmons’ workout videos and recruited her brother to join her in the family room for Sweatin’ to the Oldies.

She now has a Bachelor’s degree in Health, Science and Human Performance and works as a personal trainer, weight loss coach, and nutrition shop associate. Her experiences include everything from rehabilitation and medical weight loss to developing family meal plans. And more than a decade in the industry has proven to Heather that nutrition is the backbone of good health.


Now working in the field she loves, Heather finds joy in seeing her clients reach their goals. She remembers the change she saw after a client lost more than 60 pounds. “After she lost the weight, not only did she feel healthier but she was genuinely happier,” she recalls. “I’ve also been able to get clients off diabetes or blood pressure medication and it’s so exciting to see them and hear that their doctor says they don’t need the meds anymore. How they feel and the looks on their faces — it’s really rewarding.”


Heather knows firsthand how living a healthy lifestyle can help with healing. She attributes her quick recovery after having a baby to her dedication to health and wellness. “I enjoy eating the right foods, the way they make me feel and filling nutritional gaps. I work out every day because I love the way it makes me feel. My doctor said that I was healthy enough to continue working out throughout my pregnancy and I was cleared for exercise just two weeks after having a C-section. Because I had a good base and I made it a priority, I was able to bounce back quickly.”


Her motto is “you don’t get what you wish for; you get what you work for,” and she takes that to the workplace every day. She uses it to remind clients that while there are fads that promise dramatic results in very little time, they should be working to invest in their health instead of looking for a quick fix. She says, “I wish people would ask more questions about long-term side effects of some of the harsher items on the market, like magic diet pills. I wish more people asked about caffeine addiction, problems sleeping, metabolism problems once they quit the product. Just because it works for one person doesn’t mean that it’s a good long-term choice or that it’s safe.”


She did reveal that she sometimes splurges — but only for dark chocolate. Phew, she’s just like the rest of us.

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