The Path, Plan and the Payoff

Advocacy Marketing



Although sometimes it may feel like you’re entering uncharted territory to search out the best solutions to build your brand, we promise you are not alone. Let us guide you through the wilderness of brand advocacy. Take courage from those who have explored before you. We’ll prove it works with examples from these five powerful brands who have created a plan and path so you can forge ahead and find your payoff.  

  • Plan: Connect with retail associates in 876 unique retail stores—a prime location for influential conversations—to promote their product, Purina Muse. 
  • Path: Impacted 70,000 weekly, ongoing conversations between retail experts and customers. 
  • Payoff: Retail experts were six times more likely to recommend Purina Muse to customers. 
  • Plan: Seek out trusted product reviews that achieved an organic ambassador approach that could naturally support the brand positioning of specific products. 
  • Path: Utilize the gear tester program to recruit experts within the ExpertVoice network to provide online reviews for their refined Bluetooth Speaker line.  
  • Payoff: The reviews poured in. And it wasn’t just about quantity, but the quality of those reviews that helped reinforce the positioning of this product line.
  • Plan: Reposition Reebok as a top running shoe brand through the successful launch of the Floatride running shoe. 
  • Path: Involve the most serious and passionate runners, a group narrowed down to 1,256 known as Reebok Elite, early on with exclusive behind-the-scenes access into development and a pair of their own Floatrides to put to the test and provide authentic observations. 
  • Payoff: Best debut award for the Floatride shoe with 1.57 million social impressions generated and 17,000+ running experts engaged 90 days after the launch.  
  • Plan: Help experts in mountain biking become experts and ambassadors for the Diamondback brand. 
  • Path: Target specific experts, provide product discounts and brand knowledge, and create a relationship with them to influence future products. 
  • Outcome: Experts relay their experiences and positive brand interactions which generates full price sales. 
  • Plan: Increase and improve expert recommendations to drive consumer sales for Mammut.
  • Path: Identify, educate, and incentivize experts with an all-inclusive approach to engage and empower them.  
  • Payoff: 31,911 experts engaged to review 24,259 products which resulted in a 28% increase in the likelihood that those experts would recommend products vs. experts who did not engage. 

Each plan, path, and payoff different and therein lies the beauty of ExpertVoice. You can follow some of the paths and cut new trails of your own. Either way, we’re there to guide you with customized options and tools to get it done. 

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