Another Record-Breaking Year for Influencer Marketing and ReadyPulse in 2015

Another Record-Breaking Year for Influencer Marketing and ReadyPulse in 2015

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We hope your 2015 was as great as our customers and team. We’d like to boast for a few minutes to share some remarkable successes in 2015.

Today, we’re excited to announce that ReadyPulse had another remarkable year — fueled by great customers, influencer marketing campaigns and platform innovations. Read the full press release here.

While influencer marketing may still be a newer tactic for some, it rapidly grew in 2015 to become the leading marketing strategy for many B2C marketers. In 2016, we can proudly say that influencer marketing has become the hottest trend for consumer brands.

In 2015, B2C marketers experienced a shift. Traditional advertising success is fizzling out, as authenticity and peer-to-peer recommendations are more effectively driving consumers purchase decisions. Consumers not only seek out authenticity, they are practically forcing it by all together ignoring branded messaging with ad blocking technologies. In fact, in 2015, ad blocking grew 41% worldwide and will continue to rapidly increase.

Marketers are quickly adapting to this shift by learning modern strategies and tactics. What are they shifting to? (Spoiler alert: it’s the title of this blog). To rapidly grow brand reach and new sales, marketers are turning to authentic people and their amazing ability to inspire others. Each day, there are 2 billion active people on social networks, all bombarded with social ads. Marketers can’t genuinely reach them but others can. We call them social influencers.

At ReadyPulse, we’ve seen a huge spike in demand for social influencer marketing campaigns and the desire to build relationships with authentic people who look for any excuse to snap a pic, post, inspire, share an opinion, or do something fun and engaging. Marketers are realizing that their best consumer-marketing weapon is the consumer. Not the ad. As a result, marketers are seeking the art & science of influencer marketing. In fact, Google classified the keyword “influencer marketing” as a Breakout keyword, with more than 5,000% growth over the past couple of years.

As a result, ReadyPulse and influencer marketers had a big year. In 2015, ReadyPulse achieved a 110% increase in revenue and 100% increase in customer growth due to deployments of the ReadyPulse influencer marketing platform. ReadyPulse welcomed both new and expanded customer growth across hundreds of notable brands such as The North Face, Hewlett Packard, Reebok, K-Swiss, Supra, Palladium, Adidas Outdoor, SkullCandy, Reef, O’Neill and Mother Denim.

“We deployed ReadyPulse to drive sales and social buzz at O’Neill,” said Daniel Neukomm, CEO La Jolla Group. “ReadyPulse finds, curates and amplifies the best social influencers and their authentic content related to our products, giving our brands and websites social proof that inspires consumers to confidently buy cool products for their desired lifestyle.”

In summary, we saw some great successes this year at ReadyPulse and with our valued customers. Here’s a snapshot:

2015 Key Highlights

  • Closed 2015 with 110% year over year revenue growth
  • Measured 1290% increase in consumer engagement to influencer marketing campaigns created by our customers in 2015
  • Released the ReadyPulse Influencer Network, enabling brands to quickly reach their goals by deploying campaigns to our huge marketplace of qualified opt-in social influencers
  • Invested heavily into customer success, product and services
  • Expanded platform and global infrastructure to support customer growth and rapid scale
  • Appointed new award-winning leadership including:

For more details of 2015 Highlights, read today’s press release.

We would like to extend a big thank you to our valued customers  — the true innovators and heroes of influencer marketing. We welcome you to the ReadyPulse family and take great pride in helping you achieve and surpass your goals.  We appreciate your kind words too. 

“The tools on the ReadyPulse platform really solve our business challenges, this is everything to our success. The ease with which our product fans can move from loving a product on Instagram to purchasing it directly from our website is unprecedented.” – Brett Siranni, Social Media and Digital Content, Stance

“ReadyPulse has a system in a place that makes it super easy for a fan to engage with a product on social and make an instantaneous buying decision.” – Diego Nunez, Senior Director of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, Skullcandy

“Running campaigns before was a huge hassle! I had too many tools in too many different platforms to execute just one campaign. ReadyPulse streamlined this process for me, and made running ongoing campaigns a breeze. ” – Alyssa Nimedez, Influencer Relations Manager, Fabletics

We look forward to an even more remarkable year in 2016.

Click here for a demo of the ReadyPulse Platform

Click here to read today’s Press Release.

Written By

Lauren Gould , Product Marketing Manager

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