SHOT Show® 2022 Trade Show Videos

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SHOT Show® 2022 Trade Show Videos

Planning on having a booth at next year's SHOT Show®? SHOT Show is the nation's largest professional event for the sport shooting, hunting, and outdoor industry and held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from January 18-21, 2022. If you're attending, leverage your trade show investment as a turn-key advocacy marketing opportunity with ExpertVoice.

ExpertVoice Studios can visit your SHOT Show® booth during the trade show to capture video content that:

Educates experts about your new products

Generates excitement in an active industry environment

Launches just in time for the Shooting Sports Learning Event in February 2022


Did you know


of surveyed experts enjoy custom educational videos about brands they engage with on ExpertVoice?

Why you should sign up:

Our knowledge-hungry experts crave new and exclusive educational content, and a custom trade show video provides them a timely behind-the-scenes look at your upcoming product releases.

In addition, your team and brand booth will be at their best. A custom video produced by ExpertVoice Studios is another way to “talk” to experts who could not attend the trade show or walk by your booth.

Finally, if you participate in the Shooting Sports Learning Event from February 14 - 27, 2022, your custom SHOT Show video and lesson will provide the verified, credentialed experts who engage with your brand a recent behind-the-scenes look at your new products.

How it works:

The ExpertVoice Studios team is a master at making informative, helpful, and interesting content for the experts who influence your customers the most. We’ll work with you throughout the trade show process, from the early planning stages to the final editing and finished video.

Before the event, our Studios team will ensure your video script is highly engaging yet efficient -- with room for a little onsite improv, of course.

At SHOT Show, our video production crew will visit your booth and host a recorded interview with a representative from your brand. The footage will be edited into a two-minute custom video for use during and after the Shooting Sports Learning Event from February 14 - 27, 2022.

Let ExpertVoice help create a trade show video content strategy to meet your needs. For more information, contact your Account Executive.


Written by

By Shannon May
Product Marketing Manager at ExpertVoice

August 16, 2021