Expert Spotlight: Dustin Paul, ExpertVoice Ambassador

Hailing from Oregon, Dustin Paul is an Army Veteran and seasoned river guide. His expertise in the military and on the river is immeasurable. We are very excited to have him as an expert on ExpertVoice, but not only that, he's also part of the Expert Collective – a group of ambassadors dedicated to helping other experts join our community. He's also part of the Warfighters Outfitters, a non-profit comprised of military veterans that's dedicated to leading other veterans on outdoor adventures. We had the chance to ask Dustin a few questions to get to know him a little better.

Can you give us a brief introduction to who you are?

My name is Dustin Paul, former Army veteran of 12 years. I spent 12 years in the military as a scout sniper squad leader and put our gear through some serious work. I was deployed to Iraq in 2004/05. I started running the river in about '08 and really found my peace and my place on the river. Prior to my deployment, I enjoyed the river on drift boats on the Mckenzie River, which is the birth place of the drift boat. Following my deployment,  I progressed to white water rafting.


Can you tell us about your career in outdoor guiding?

Since I began running the river in 2008, it’s been my mission to share the river with other veterans and let them also experience the magic of being on the river. I’ve been guiding for about 8 years now while doing free trips for veterans in between. I am now a mentor for the non-profit Warfighter outfitter family of guides. The river puts all my gear to the test with water, sand and just plain hard use. I currently spend about 100 days a year on the river.

What was your last adventure?

My last adventure was a 30 day self-support rafting trip in the Grand Canyon. We prepped all our food and equipment ourselves. There were certainly some cold mornings, windy days and beautiful sunny afternoons. I’ll do that trip every chance I get the rest of my life!