Templated Lesson

Templated Lessons

Cover more topics, more quickly with focused lessons in a templated format

More expert recommendations for
brands that offer content
Of experts want new content
from brands at least quarterly
Of experts value education
about product details


Cover more topics, more quickly with focused lessons in a templated format. A single templated lesson can cover 1 product’s key details, compare 2-3 similar products, introduce your brand or highlight an expert. This format can also be used to gather expert recommendations on a single product.

Brand will be asked to complete a Discovery Brief to support timely delivery of high-quality content.


Quarterly to monthly

60 to 90 seconds

Build Time
2-3 weeks from receipt of
completed Discovery Brief
and assets

Check out examples of Templated Lessons


Product Knowledge

A combination of an ExpertVoice micro video and templated lesson educates experts about the nutritional benefits and unique feeding styles Gimborn's cat treats.

Work Sharp

Brand Story

Work Sharp wanted to introduce experts to its brand and key products. We created a templated lesson focused on the brand’s differentiators and the variety in its product line.


Product Launch

Nuun offers a wide variety of recovery products, including a new Rest-promoting formula. We created a templated lesson filled with need-to-know product details for Nuun Rest to help experts become better recommenders.

Sawyer Products

Product Knowledge

Sawyer wanted to educate experts on the advantages of its permethrin insect repellent products. This templated lesson walks through permethrin’s many benefits and how to apply it to outdoor gear and apparel.

NEMO Equipment

Product Launch

NEMO wanted to help experts confidently recommend its Stargaze camp chair. We created a templated lesson that breaks down key product features unique to Stargaze while highlighting the broader, brand-specific benefits.


Product Knowledge

Suunto has a large and technical product line. We create multiple templated pieces focused on a key product and share those with experts throughout the year to keep experts engaged and Suunto top-of-mind.


Product Launch

MegaFood wanted to generate awareness and advocacy for a new product it was releasing at a major industry trade show. ExpertVoice created a templated lesson and custom video, giving retail associates an exclusive, behind-the-scenes story about the product plus the information they need to recommend it.

Cheeky Fishing

Product Knowledge

Cheeky Fishing wanted to give experts a better understanding of its line of technical fly reels. We created a templated lesson that walks through several Cheeky reel categories and their use cases.


Brand Story

Ariat wants multiple touchpoints with its retail experts to ensure the brand is top-of-mind in buying conversations with consumers. In addition to semi-annual updates to the brand's core, custom lessons, ExpertVoice releases a new templated lesson each month to bring experts just-in-time brand messages and product knowledge

OnCore Golf

Brand Advocacy

OnCore partnered with ExpertVoice to help experts understand what differentiates the brand and to recommend its golf balls. Experts learn about the brand and can share their own recommendations with an in-content recommendation activity.


Recommendation Gathering

Swix wanted to seed product and grow advocacy for its ski-and-snowboard waxes and edge turners. We created a templated lesson that highlights key product benefits and encourages experts to share their own product recommendations.

CV Sciences

Recommendation Gathering

PlusCBD Oil wanted to grow advocacy for its line of CBD products. We created a templated lesson that highlights real experts’ product stories and encourages people to add their voices by submitting their own product recommendations.

KLOS Guitars

Brand Story

KLOS Guitars wanted to seed product and grow advocacy for its new line of lightweight, durable guitars and ukuleles. They created a video exclusively for the expert audience and placed it within a templated lesson hyper focused on the brand's key differentiators and target consumers.

Black Diamond

Product Segmentation

Black Diamond wanted to explain what sets its gloves apart from competitors and help experts differentiate key products. We created a templated lesson that features exclusive insights from a Black Diamond product designer, clear product segmentation and a recommendation activity that collects product feedback from our expert audience.

Snow Peak

Product Knowledge

Snow Peak wanted to educate experts on its line of lightweight-yet-durable titanium outdoor cookwear. ExpertVoice created a micro video that highlights key product features alongside a templated lesson explaining additional benefits.


Technology Spotlight

Lander knows that phones are an investment and wanted to highlight key technologies found in its cases designed to keep them safe. ExpertVoice built a templated lesson that explores two top technologies and gives insider insights into the product design.


Product Segmentation

SCARPA wanted to give experts the essential details needed to recommend the right climbing shoe for the gym. We created a short format, 90-second templated lesson to deepen knowledge on key technologies and when to recommend three different climbing shoes.

The Coffee Ride

Brand Story

The Coffee Ride wanted to build brand affinity and advocacy among outdoor and bike experts by sharing its unique brand story — one that fuses coffee with a love for cycling. ExpertVoice built a 90-second lesson that gives experts the essential details.


Product Launch

Salomon wanted to build advocacy for its new women's hiking shoe. ExpertVoice created a lesson that gives experts everything they need to know about this product and included an activity for gathering their digital recommendations.


Product Knowledge

SMITH wanted to educate experts on key helmet and eyewear technologies for cycling. ExpertVoice created a templated lesson that explains the key benefits of SMITH products and why you would recommend them for mountain and road cycling.


Product Launch

Haibike wanted to give experts a deep dive into the key features and benefits of its electric mountain bikes. ExpertVoice combined a micro video and templated lesson for a close-up view of the bike and education on essential details.


Product Knowledge

Cotopaxi wanted to build advocacy for its unique Del Día packs. ExpertVoice created a short, focused lesson that shines with product details, a vibrant color palette and a brand-supplied video.

Velodrome Coffee

Brand Story

Velodrome Coffee Company wanted to raise brand awareness and expand its product seeding efforts. ExpertVoice created a templated lesson and hosted store for an expert audience.


Product Knowledge

This templated lesson gives experts the essential details needed to recommend three key products. The lesson features three expert recommendations that both model recommendation behavior and help learners differentiate the formulas by use case.


Product Knowledge

Hyperice wanted to seed product and gather recommendations from an expert audience. This templated lesson gives experts the essential knowledge needed to recommend the brand.

Country Life

Product Knowledge

Country Life paired a custom video with a templated lesson to showcase the versatile use cases of its jojoba oil. The lesson supports the video with key details experts need to know to recommend the product.

Brooks Running

Product Knowledge

Brooks Running wanted to empower experts to make informed recommendations of its Energize shoes. ExpertVoice created a templated lesson that gives them essential details about the products.


Product Knowledge

MAMMUT wanted to drive advocacy for its avalanche transceiver. This templated lesson leverages high-quality recommendations from ExpertVoice members to show why the Barryvox is trusted by backcountry skiers.


Brand Story

New Zealand brand Comvita wanted to expand brand awareness and advocacy. This templated lesson features a virtual video that ExpertVoice created using Zoom interviews, motion graphics and brand-supplied video footage.

Talty Bar

Brand advocacy

Talty Bar wanted to give experts an insider's view of the brand and drive advocacy for its high-quality energy bars. This templated lesson features a video interview with the brand's founder, alongside education about the brand's points of difference.


Recommendation Gathering

Stanley wanted to generate more expert product reviews to share on ecommerce channels. ExpertVoice designed a dedicated recommendation activity and drove experts to it from the ExpertVoice feed and a push notification.


Product Knowledge

Jetboil wanted to help experts know when to recommend two key product lines. This templated lesson outlines the use cases and features of both, making it easier for experts to offer helpful recommendations.

Blue Tees Golf

Product Knowledge

Blue Tees Golf wanted to inform and inspire experts to recommend a key product. ExpertVoice created a lesson that covers essential knowledge and prompts experts to share their own recommendations.

Camp Chef

Product Knowledge

Camp Chef wanted to help experts make better recommendations of its modular camp stoves. This templated lesson includes a micro video that illustrates how the stoves can be combined and when to recommend each one.

High Society Freeride

Recommendation Gathering

This lesson features product knowledge and example recommendations before prompting experts to share their own recommendations.


“Detailed, online lessons have made me so much more aware of certain features of apparel we carry in the store — making it easier to have a discussion with a customer.”

- Elinor Yee, Fleet Feet Sports retail employee