The Story of a Short-Lived Testimonial

The Story of a Short-Lived Testimonial

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As marketers we all know how difficult it is to delight our customers. Harder still is getting  the customer to say something good about our brand. However, when the customer gives positive feedback in a public setting like social media, what are we doing as marketers to take advantage of it?

So far very little. Here is an idea:

Don’t let your social testimonials vanish in the vast flood of social media.

The story of a short-lived testimonial

Meet Tim Cooke, General Manager and Partner of Cadence Preferred, a marketing and design firm based in Redmond, WA. On a Friday afternoon, Tim is frantically trying to finish setting up his Microsoft Dynamics CRM account after his firm switched over to the service. As a new user, Tim ran into a few issues that are very common for any new user. What is uncommon is the way Microsoft Dynamics CRM team went beyond their call of duty to help Tim.  Especially considering that Microsoft is the largest software maker in the world.

Tim reached out to the Dynamics CRM support team via the Office 365 portal expecting to be lost in a pile of help desk tickets. To his surprise, he heard back right away from a representative introducing herself that she will be working on his support ticket and wished him a great weekend.

Tim forgot about the support ticket and went home for that night and on Saturday he had another email from the Dynamics CRM support team to setup a time on Monday.  Being the weekend, he felt he could reply to the email once he gets back to his office on Monday. To his surprise, he had a phone call and another followup email by the time he got to the office on Monday. He was pleased at the promptness and got on phone with the support person. She resolved the issues Tim was facing and asked if she can help him in any other way.

Tim had a few questions about some functionality of Dynamics CRM but was hesitant to ask as these were not simple tier 1 support questions but were the type of questions he’d usually hire a consultant to solve. To his surprise he got the answers he needed from the support agent. Tim was delighted to have saved hundreds of dollars in consulting fees.

Clearly pleased, Tim tweeted about the stellar service of Microsoft Dynamics CRM support team. His public testimonial in the world of Twitter had its moments of existence and disappeared in the vast flood of short-lived tweets that flow in every minute.

One might say, that is a happy ending for Tim and great testimonial for Microsoft Dynamics CRM support team. But, what was the lifespan of Tim’s tweet? A few minutes? What if the marketing team of Microsoft Dynamics CRM uses this testimonial to drive home the point to other prospective clients that they can take care of their customers better?

It is not uncommon that Tim and other hundreds of thousands of customers give their shoutout to the products, sevices and brands they use and love. Brands promptly thank them if they are active on Social networks. Often, that’s where the story ends.

Extending the life of a social testimonial

Is it possible to extend the life of a testimonial that is shared on Twitter? Absolutely. What if the Microsoft Dynamics CRM support team took Tim’s testimonial and put it on its web site? What if the same testimonial were included in a welcome email from the Dynamics CRM team once a trial user signs-up?

If you are visiting the Microsoft’s support web site and/or trial user, you will probably feel one or more of the following:

  1. There is anecdotal evidence that Microsoft Dynamics CRM support is good enough that Tim took the pain to share his appreciation on Twitter
  2. If you see more testimonials similar to Tim’s, you will feel confident that their support is pretty good and you may want to continue your relationship or sign-up for trial
  3. If you have any questions on Microsoft Dynamics CRM support, you may connect with Tim, as Twitter enables such direct interactions between its users

Tim’s testimonial has the potential to help the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product more than the positive impact it already did being part of millions of tweets a day.

Using satisfied customers to get new business is nothing new. What’s new is the abundance of satisfied customers and accessibility of their public testimonials in social networks like Twitter.For a digital marketer – it is a key opportunity for a digital marketer to take full advantage of those testimonials.

Don’t let your social testimonials vanish in the vast flood of social media. Start breathing new life into the testimonials you already have, today!

Written By

Lauren Gould , Product Marketing Manager

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