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What is Influencer Marketing?

Today’s best digital marketing campaigns use influencer marketing techniques and strategies by leveraging social influencers to push products, brand message or marketing campaigns for companies to the general public – by way of their digital follower base. Instead of marketing to the world, marketers locate influential people who can be current customers, brand ambassadors or paid influencers like celebrities and athletes.

Many consumers today are more influenced by peers or known figures who create authentic and genuine content than traditional marketing advertisements. As a result, social influencer marketing has become an increasingly valuable tool growing amongst word of mouth marketing (WOM) experts, and is an important tool to consider for all consumer brands to consider.

Influencer marketing is a wonderful opportunity to connect with customers on an authentic level that is typically absent from traditional advertising. Today’s marketing landscape revolves around client satisfaction, trust and engagement, so having a brand ambassador or social influencer on your side is a great way to build a brand voice and personality.

The World is Crowded - Match Your Brand Persona with the Right Influencers.

You want the right people to inspire your audience to take action – to react, buy, play, create, share or engage. With built-in intelligence and configurable filters, you always know which of your social influencers will achieve success. And the influencer marketing data is measurable.

With ExpertVoice, your inventory of quality content and social influencers never runs dry. Experience intuitive online tools that take the manual work out of finding, collecting and publishing the valuable user-generated content (UGC) you need.

You no longer have to manually reach out to social influencers with our social influencer marketing platform – the legwork is done for you. Enjoy complete access to an extensive network of exclusive opted-in and pre-qualified social influencers.

Then, see how your influencer marketing campaign is working with influencer analytics and reporting. Easily identify who is driving the most engagement and is truly valuable to your brand.

84% of consumer marketing teams successfully use influencer marketing strategies. Are you one of them?

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Frequently Asked Questions

After researching and reaching out to potential brand ambassadors and social influencers, marketers empower these key individuals by incentivizing them to promote a product to create trends, word-of-mouth marketing and targeted reach with authentic, quality user-generated content.ExpertVoice is built upon the concept and mechanics of social influencer marketing, making our key focus socially-wired Millennials who look to social networks for trends and purchasing. Our influencer marketing platform is the number one software and network to identify key influencers for the unique needs of a company or brand. After identifying social influencers, the ExpertVoice platform provides helpful influencer marketing insights and reporting to easily identify who is the most valuable to your brand.

Today, every consumer brand can benefit by investing in influencer marketing campaigns and software, especially those who sell products. Due to the great ROI obtained, more and more marketers are shifting budget to this type of marketing. Paid media and owned media are no longer as valuable compared to earned media derived from influencer marketing.For more information about who needs influencer marketing strategies, read The Importance of Influencer Marketing.

Today, marketers need to move fast to compete. By automating the process of finding and managing social influencers and curating influencer-driven content, marketers can invest their valuable time in other areas of business. Influencer marketing automation provides the ability to streamline the process of building, monitoring and deploying marketing campaigns that leverage powerful influencers who can spread their message to larger audiences.Similar to the definition of marketing automation, marketers can now select influencer marketing software platforms and technologies for their teams and businesses to better market at a faster and more automated rate with social influencers.

When it comes to social influencer identification and selection, there are several techniques that should be followed. Most marketers have multiple sources, such as customer databases like CRM, where they can identify and select social influencers for brand campaigns. Rather than sifting through data found in networks and databases, ExpertVoice does all the heavy lifting for marketers. The platform automatically scours through data and identifies the most influential advocates, then surfaces those as top prospects.Next, you should look at your employees, retailers and known brand advocates. All should be considered and invited to participate with your influencer marketing campaigns, as they already know and enjoy your brand. However, the most valuable source for influencer identification and selection are social media networks. People are already talking about your brand and building buzz authentically around your products through authentic user-generated content. These influencers can drive even more engagement than celebrity influencers. Celebrity endorsements are expensive and drive reach, but engagement is less a priority. We recommend using authentic social influencers as your main influencer persona.Marketers will also turn to the ExpertVoice Community, a place where pre-vetted and highly qualified influential experts have already opted-in to work with notable brands. This influencer network allows brands to immediately engage social media stars who love to influence others and work with brand campaigns. The network also contains category-specific influencers with interests in action sports, outdoor adventures, fashion, consumer electronics, traveling and more. Our influencer marketing platform taps into multiple sources to gain the right influencers for a brand or campaign. It also drives large volume content creation and attracts a large audience with high influence, engagement, reach and brand affinity.

With the ever-changing landscape of the industry, it can be difficult to keep up with new marketing strategies and trends. Stay in the loop with more information and educational resources on influencer marketing strategies, best practices and trends by checking out the following articles:

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