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When this pad arrived, I was so excited I slept on it that night on my bedroom floor. Wow, what a gamechanger! Here are my impressions: -Size - rolled up, it's WAY smaller than I was expecting. I was expecting to only use this on trips where I have lots of room to pack, but it rolls into such a compact size I would totally take it backpacking. -The one-way flip valve for inflation/deflation is rad. You can blow it up without having to fight the air sucking back out - and vice versa. -Materials are sturdy and seem like they will last a long time. -Design is elegant and colors are aesthetically pleasing. Obviously this is a practical product, but when you're investing money into it it's nice for it to look good too! -This pad is quiet. Thanks to the foam topper, you can roll over and change positions without the obnoxious swish-squeek we are all familiar with. -Last but not least: SO COMFORTABLE. The base pad inflates well and provides a good layer of support you won't feel every rock through (again, surprising considering the size)...But then the foam layer on top just kicks it up 10 levels and BOOM your camping trip has just become a glamping trip. I'm a back and side sleeper and was comfortable either way. Do it. Invest. You won't regret it.

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