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Yoga Instructor from CO
Yoga Instructor from COVerified by ExpertVoice
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Professional Athlete from UT
Professional Athlete from UTVerified by ExpertVoice
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Physical Therapist from VT
Physical Therapist from VTVerified by ExpertVoice
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Military Contractor from MD
Military Contractor from MDVerified by ExpertVoice
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Air Force Officer from DC
Air Force Officer from DCVerified by ExpertVoice
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IMBA Member from CA
IMBA Member from CAVerified by ExpertVoice
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NOLS Alum from MT
NOLS Alum from MTVerified by ExpertVoice
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Absolutely! ExpertVoice has been connecting brands with experts since 2004. Brands offer rewards on ExpertVoice to connect, educate, and sell to their target audience, fostering more industry experts who genuinely love and recommend their products.

Sometimes, proof of membership or employment is required to join. Any required sensitive, personal, or contact information is encrypted when uploaded and deleted within 60 days.

Nope. ExpertVoice connects brands with industry experts for exclusive discounted shopping and learning opportunities. Experts aren’t paid by brands or ExpertVoice; it’s all about genuine product advice.

Unlock product discounts on ExpertVoice by qualifying to join. Your access to brand deals is based on your qualifications, experience and background, so the more you share the more deals you can access. Some rewards may require a quick lesson and quiz for a fun way to deepen your expertise!

ExpertVoice is a platform for brands to connect with their target audience, encouraging them to buy, try, and learn about products. This leads to authentic reviews online and, crucially, more industry experts using their products out in the real world. When experts use their products, it boosts brand credibility and drives more sales.