A good night’s sleep
under the stars

Sleeping outside can be a sweet escape from life’s distractions. But it can
involve plenty of its own without the right gear. Fortunately, our experts have
done their share of snoozing under the stars. Their secret? Invest in the best.

Sure, you can lay your head on a
rolled-up sweatshirt and call it good.

But a quality camping pillow can mean the difference between a
rejuvenating slumber and a restless night.
Big Agnes Q-Core Deluxe Pillow

There’s only one thing between you and the cold, hard ground:

Your quality of sleep depends on it.

Weight. Warmth. Sleeping style. Packing

With all this and more to consider, choosing a sleeping bag can be a
challenge. Good thing our experts have suggestions.

Three-Season Kelty Cosmic Down 20

Do you sleep on your side?

We have just the bag for you.

Klymit KSB 20 XL


From full moons to floodlights, unwanted illumination can prevent
quality sleep. That’s why eye shades have been
making their way into the wild.

Love this eyeshade.

I've tried many and it is the best one out there.”

After a long day of outdoor
adventures, nothing
beats the peace
and quiet of your

In case neighboring campers have
other ideas, earplugs are a must.

Earplugs are super handy to block out
surrounding noise
of other campsites nearby, your family trying
to fall asleep or the sounds of nature that may not be relaxing to you.
Craig Zarnosky
Top 20% Camp and Hike

If nature sounds aren’t enough to lull you
to sleep
, some of these might do the trick.

What’s not to love about cozy
Our experts suggest wool socks for their natural
water-wicking and warming properties.

Nothing bugs like mosquitos
buzzing around at bedtime.

Keep the insects at bay with this
expert-recommended essential oil spray.


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