Influencer marketing could be doing more to grow your sales

If you’re currently using an influencer marketing strategy, then you’re probably asking yourself an important question: Is it driving better sales?

Expert Blog Post — Mayah Krause takes the Faroe Islands

My name is Mayah Krause and I’m an alpinist who’s proud to be a Top 5% Expert in hiking, camping, cycling, and traveling.

What We Love About Hill’s

I’ll admit it, I’m a nervous dog mom. When I adopted Penny, the animal shelter informed me she was up-to-date on vaccinations and perfectly healthy.

How industry pros sell your products

Influencer marketing has been the talk of the town lately — and for good reason.

Expert Stories: Carly

Long before joining the vast populous of Outdoor Industry professionals, I was just another tree-climber; a child raised in the historic mining realm in Northern California.

ExpertVoice by the Numbers

ExpertVoice by the Numbers Blog By Prev Next At ExpertVoice, we’re always talking about how experts can make a tangible impact on your brand’s reputation and sales growth, but we’ll

3 things MegaFood does to sell more products in retail locations

Consumers have a ridiculous amount of options available to them, and when they need to decide on a purchase, they go looking for reviews, recommendations, and advice on what’s going