How to Collect More Expert Recommendations

How can you increase the frequency at which experts leave authentic recommendations for your products on ExpertVoice? Here are eight easy tactics.

Expert Profile: Danny Rodriguez


Meet Danny Rodriguez, a climber living in Virginia, is no stranger to adventure. Coming to ExpertVoice as a member of the American Alpine Club, he's been a certified expert since 2016.

Expert Profile: Rachel Miller


Meet Rachel Miller, a naturals expert working for Sprouts, living in Tucson, AZ. Rachel's been with ExpertVoice since 2019, get to know her and her expertise.

Expo West 2022 Trade Show Videos

ExpertVoice Studios can create a video that educates experts about your new products and launches just in time for the Naturals Learning Event in March 2022.

ExpertVoice and TrueCommerce

It's now easier to process your ExpertVoice orders using only one system. Through a new partnership with TrueCommerce, ExpertVoice brands can now integrate their Shopify stores with their ExpertVoice

Get ready for Campaign Manager

Campaign Manager includes new features coming soon to the Advocacy Platform that will provide brands with improved tools to manage campaigns on ExpertVoice. Find out what it can do for you.

How ExpertVoice’s New Partnership With Bazaarvoice Will Unleash the Power of Your Expert Reviews

We are excited to announce our new syndication partnership with Bazaarvoice. One of the world’s largest networks for retailers and brands to collect user-generated content.