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We are ExpertVoice

Since 2004, ExpertVoice has empowered people to make better buying decisions. Over the years, our platform has evolved — adding new categories, brands and experts. Throughout these changes, our core mission has remained the same.

On a mission to help consumers buy like experts.

Deciding what to buy can be daunting — navigating reviews, seeking guidance and facing a flood of choices. That’s where ExpertVoice comes in: a platform where brands can engage industry experts, offering them education, exclusive incentives and firsthand experiences with their products. The outcome? A cycle of genuine brand advocacy, fueled by honest recommendations that empower consumers to buy with expertise.

Who is an expert?

We call people fueled by their passions, who hold influence in their field and have the credentials to prove it, experts. This could be retail employees, industry pros or passionate community members. Their influence is strong — 82% of consumers who get a recommendation from an ExpertVoice expert tend to follow it. Learn more about the experts here.

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How experts help brands build advocacy. 

The ExpertVoice platform connects brands with experts to boost product advocacy, collect high-quality UGC and product reviews and enhance brand awareness among target audiences.

The power of ExpertVoice — by the numbers.

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active members on the platform
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retail doors represented on the platform
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partner organizations

These brands recognize the value of advocacy.

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Where did we come from?

ExpertVoice was built by a team that recognized the power of personal connection and also recognized that the most successful brands understood how to harness that power. We’ve pioneered high-performance solutions that elevate real-world experts and connect them to relevant brands. We’ve worked to foster relationships between experts and brands that benefit them both and even more importantly, benefit consumers.



Named for the ideal conversational distance (in feet) between two humans. The company’s original mission remains true today: to help brands utilize the power of one-on-one recommendations.



We acquire a website that rewards field professionals for acquiring more brand & product knowledge. Within two years we rename the website ProMotive.



We change our name to Experticity to reflect our increased emphasis on our member’s expertise and authenticity.



We acquire ReadyPulse, a software platform designed to amplify the online influence of real-world experts.



We change our name to ExpertVoice and evolve as a product-based tech company with the launch of the Advocacy Platform— refining our vision to help even more consumers make better buying decisions in all channels.

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