Eyewear Lookbook


Look on the bright side

Barbecues, biking, boat rides: They’re all better
with just the right shades. Find the perfect pair
for every activity on your horizon.

For Everything Under the Sun

Wherever your next adventure takes you, these iconic
frames have your eyes covered.

Eco-Friendly Frames

Go with what feels natural. Made from non-toxic materials, these
frames are both recyclable and environmentally friendly.


Glasses that Give Back

Look good and do good in these sustainably-sourced specs.


“These sunglasses have been great
for all sorts of adventuring!

Very comfortable in many types of weather too from protecting
my eyes in the snow to hot summer days. I love wearing these in
the wilderness knowing they’re less harmful to the environment
than previous pairs I've worn. Proof makes quality glassware for
any activity you may need.”

Full Speed Ahead

Whether you’re hiking, cycling or trail running, you
need sunglasses that won’t slow you down.

The Best Frames by a Long Shot

These high-impact, shatter-resistant sunglasses shoot the
works so you can focus on your aim.

The experts said

ESS Eyewear CDI Black


Ready, Set, Road Trip

Hit the road with high-performance shades.
Wind, dust and debris don’t stand a chance.


The experts said

Wiley-X Airrage

“I use these mainly for riding. They do a great job of protecting my eyes from
debris as well as the sun. I have shaded ones for day and clear for night.

Won’t ride without them!”

Brian Todd

Specs That Make a Splash

These frames feature 580G lenses, so you can soak
up every detail while you soak up the sun.

The experts said

Costa Del Mar


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