Expert Types


ExpertVoice segments experts into four distinct types to help with targeting and messaging. The four types are:

1. Knowledgeable friends and family

These are people that are experts in their field but are not necessarily professionals or influencers. Their friends and family know and trust their expertise but their reach does not go beyond their personal social circle.

2. Industry pros

Industry pros work in their field of expertise. They may be working for a brand or an organization related to the field.

3. Retail sales associates (RSAs)

Retail associates are in store and they have a wide base of knowledge across many brands and sometimes even across fields of expertise. Customers come to them with questions on products and RSAs are tasked with being able to recommend different brands and product based on specific customer needs. They are crucial in a consumer's purchasing journey as they are present at the point of purchase.

4. Online influencers

Online influencers are experts that talk about their recommendations online and can reach a large audience. They are usually experts in just one field and can help raise awareness for brands but not necessarily drive purchases. Online influencers can also be paid to promote brands and products.