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Once you sign up, we’ll verify your access. Upload your most recent Leave & Earnings Statement (LES), Enlisted Record Brief (ERB), Veteran or Spouse ID Card, or an Official Military Status Letter. This step helps us confirm your eligibility and maintain the integrity of our exclusive offerings.

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We give people like you insider access to top products and exclusive deals so you can get the right gear and expand your expertise. Sound too good to be true? Here’s how the platform works:

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Verify your affiliation with an ExpertVoice partner organization for free and save on top products.

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Unlock top-tier discounts by completing quick interactive quizzes to deepen your product knowledge and expand your expertise.

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Share your insights and feedback to impact brand's product development, and help others make more informed buying decisions.

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Discounts up to 60%
Behind-the-scenes brand content and product launches
Opportunities to share insights directly with brands

Questions & answers

Brands on ExpertVoice want people like you to have firsthand experiences with their products. To do that, they offer substantial discounts of up to 60% off MSRP on your purchases.

Affiliations are key to everything you do on ExpertVoice. Through your affiliation, brands target you with insider access, and, depending on your affiliation, you may qualify for deeper discounts.

ExpertVoice works on behalf of over 20k professional organizations and retailers to verify affiliations. Many users find they can affiliate with multiple organizations.

Your profession might give you unique access to brands. Affiliations for professions include healthcare workers, nutritionists, yoga instructors, outdoor guides and more.

The company you work for can be a valuable affiliation. Some affiliations include employers like the U.S. Military, REI, Whole Foods and PetSmart.

Not your day job, but it still gives you unique expertise? Maybe you’re a member of an organization like the American Athletic Conference, The Boy Scouts of America or the American Alpine Club. Membership in organizations like these often count as affiliations too.

ExpertVoice has been helping brands connect with experts since 2004.

Brands give industry experts an inside look at their company and latest products, and experts are recognized for their knowledge with exclusive discounts so that they can share their first-hand product experiences with the world.

Some affiliations may require proof of membership or employment. Any required sensitive, personal, or contact information is encrypted when uploaded, and deleted within 60 days of finalization.

Although many users qualify immediately, verifying your credentials can take up to three business days. Once you’re approved, we’ll email you to unlock your full ExpertVoice access.

Thanks to our robust approval process, brands are willing to offer early product access and discounts up to 60% off MSRP to affiliated ExpertVoice experts.

Brands decide who to include in opportunities for learning and rewards based on experts’ affiliations. Each verified affiliation you add to your expert profile can open access to more brands and rewards. To get the access you deserve, be sure to join every group that’s relevant to you.

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